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Friday, August 27, 2010

Yum Moments: BBB - Big Better Burgers

Earlier, I went to Gateway Mall to have late lunch with a friend. And it was really a late lunch at 3:3opm. We dined at BBB or Big Better Burgers at SM and it was my first time to try their burgers. I have always loved Wham! and Charlie's so I wanted to try it and know if I will also like their burger. We only ordered their value meal and here are pictures.

This is their quarter pounder burger with fries and iced tea. It costs only PHP135 so it isn't bad at all.

The meat is tender and juicy and really tasty. In fact, I like it better than Wham and Charlie's because it is tastier. I realized how Wham's patties are more fatty than meaty and how Charlie's is kinda bland though it is 100% pure beef. The fries are chunky though a bit salty for me and my friend. Plus the patty is thick and their mayo is really delish. I think they use Japanese mayo. And the tomato and lettuce are fresh and crisp. I wanted to try their jalapeno burger being the spicy food lover that I am but I want to try the basics first before venturing into something more adventurous for my tastebuds.

Overall, I like BBB's burger and I will definitely go back and try what else they have to offer. Oh, they also have burger and rice meals as well as pastas.

Inside their Cubao branch

Sorry for the poor quality of the pics as I am using only my phonecam. Anyway, til the next yum moment. :)


  1. You just made me crave for a burger. X_X Gah! This looks and sounds so yummy.

  2. Soapaholic, I am also craving for this burger. :P

  3. now i want a burger after seeing this

  4. try the double i forgot with cheese, you wont regret it i swear! lol. double third pounder patties are heaven. love BBB. Good thing we have one here, walking distance lang from our home!

  5. oh now i remember, double dare with cheesssssssse yumm. ♥


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