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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

First FOTD at 26! (I'm a year older again.)

An FOTD to welcome my 26th year of existence. :P

Alright, I'm not getting any younger. I turned 26 last Sunday and it was such a super awesome way to celebrate my being in the mid-20's by staying in bed the whole day. I was down with flu. :( Saturday night, I was on my way home with a friend after having dinner and we were both a little tipsy. We hit a small tree. And I have scoliosis so my back hurt a lot. Let's do a little backtrack.

I was about to go home Saturday afternoon after meeting a friend at Megamall. Had snacks at Wham! and coffee at Krispy Kreme then checked out Forever 21. I felt dizzy because it was super jampacked. I can't stay long in an enclosed space that is really crowded. After that, he dropped me off at EDSA Shang to take the MRT but I received an sms from another friend saying he'd treat me for dinner since it was almost my birthday. Thinking that it'll be easier than taking the MRT (it was rush hour and I already have fever that time), I agreed. He picked me up from EDSA Shang and went somewhere in Timog. After having dinner and a pitcher of zombie, we decided to go home. Alcohol took effect and we were both a little tipsy. While singing along with Afroman's Because I Got High (mind you, we weren't high, i just like the song a lot), his sense of direction was kinda clouded and sorta got lost. I have very poor sense of direction to begin with so I cannot drive. We didn't notice we were nearing the dead end and good thing is there was a small tree and we hit it instead. No one was majorly hurt except that he sort of hurt his shoulder and I strained my back when we suddenly went to a full stop. After realizing we were both okay, we decided to go home and the tipsy feeling was gone. We were suddenly sober.

Lesson learned 1: Never ever drink and drive. Or at least never let the one driving drink a lot. If there's someone who gets drunk, it shouldn't be the person sitting on the driver's seat.

When I woke up the following day, I have flu, cough, and cold. And it was my birthday! Realized that it's because I walked under the rain a few days back. They say that if that happens to you, you should immediately take a shower. I didn't because I just took a shower then went out to 711 and was on my way home when it rained. And our house is just one house away from 711. Until today, I'm still a little sick.

Lesson learned 2: Heed the elders' advice. Take some, if not most, of them seriously. You might not be able to cook and celebrate your birthday.

How I celebrated it? I took a walk down memory lane by watching movies in the 90's that I loved as a kid. I watched the following:
- 3 Ninjas
- 3 Ninjas Kick Back
- 3 Ninjas Knuckle Up
- 3 Ninjas High Noon at Mega Mountain (with Hulk Hogan)

I couldn't get enough of Tumtum, Colt, Rocky, and of course, the ninja grandpa who is like Mr. Miyagi. :P

I also watched Power Rangers the Movie! I like the Yellow Ranger a lot. :P

I just remembered what happened 2 weeks ago. I went to 711 to buy a pack of cancer sticks then the lady at the cashier asked how old I am and when I told her I'm 25 with a confused look on my face, she asked for an ID. I was thinking, "This isn't the first time I bought ciggies from you."
Anyway, that just made me laugh and it makes me smile just by remembering that.

Anyway, sorry for the long post about my birthday misadventures. And oh, I think I had another misfortune just now. I received these lippies in the mail this morning.

And now, one of them broke. It's the Bourjois Rose Tendre that broke. The lippie on the right. Gah! :(

Anyway, happy Tuesday! :P


  1. belated happy birthday sis! sorry about the broken lipstick. i like the color of your lipstick in the picture. what is is?

  2. May, thank you. I'm a little better now. :)

    Anastacia, thank you. :P

    The cute Peachy Pink sisters, thank you. :P

  3. Happy birthday, Pammy love :) I am sure that even if there were misfortunes during your birthday, the blessings you have are still waaayyy better and bigger :) So cheers to your good life. Happy 26th!


  4. May, I almost forgot. The lipstick is Bourjois Docteur Glamour lipstick in Rose Toubib. :)

  5. awww
    im so sorry to hear about the accident & that you are also not feeling well. I hope that you feel better asap,hun.

    belated happy Birthday,sweetie.

  6. you've got quite an adventure over there, haha! Happy Birthday! Cheers! ^.^ Stay safe, ok?

  7. Carol, thank you. :)

    Chelle, yep! Misadventures. :P Thank you. :)

  8. hi pammy loves! happy belated birthday!!! i celebrated your birthday too, ate a lot last sunday. hahaha! :P

    what an unforgettable birthday! im glad you werent seriously hurt by that alcohol induced accident, girl dont do that again! we need you here on blogger! ;)

    get your beauty rest and get well fast P! drink lots of water! :D

  9. You are officially on your mid-20's! hahaha Happy Happy Birhtday! Hope you have a great one, and hope you won't get sick anymore!

  10. G, thank you. I won't do that again. Hehe. :P

    Mia, thank you. :P

    Nikki, yup. Hello mid-20's! Thank you. :P

  11. belated happy birthday pammy! oh and I love 3 ninjas too :)

  12. Belated happy birthday, sis. don't ride with someone who drinks and drives. be safe than sorry, sweetie. my favorite was the pink ranger. and i always thought i'll end up marrying the green ranger.

  13. belated Happy birthday Pammy! get well soon.. waah.. sayang naman yung new lippy mo =(

  14. Charry, thank you. I love Tumtum. :P

    Katie, thank you. Yup, lesson learned. That was cute of you to think that you'll end up marrying the green ranger. :P

    Khymm, thank you. Correct, sayang nga. :P

  15. Czen, thanks, sis. I miss you and your pre-order too. :P


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