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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Product Review: L'Oreal Total Repair Deep Repairing Mask + Tag

I wasn't much into hair care until I noticed that my hair was hard to manage and felt rough and dry. I started checking the internet for products and scourged groceries and department stores for hair care products that aren't as expensive as Kerastase and the like. I was happy with the hair treats hair spa in coco milk from Watson's and Creamsilk Precision Hair Treatment. I used them as conditioners and the results were good. I don't buy the Creamsilk mask in tubs because I realized that buying in sachets is cheaper as I get more product in total. But then I realized that these two stopped working for me so I was once again on the lookout for a new hair product and that's when I crossed paths with L'Oreal. I tried Elseve but my scalp became itchy. Then I saw the Re-Nutrition mask and tried it and was also happy. While buying a couple of sachets of the Re-Nutrition mask, I saw this really cute pink, white, and red packaging and being the pink lover that I am, I instantly grabbed a couple. I found myself in love with it more than the Elseve one. So here's my review.

What I like:
- The scent. It smells really great and not overpowering.
- My hair feels smoother and softer.
- My hair feels hydrated and isn't dry.
- Helped my hair become more manageable.
- No scalp itchies and flakes.
- The packaging is cute as it is pink. :P
- Cheap. I buy these from the grocery and got 3 sachets for only PHP57 as compared to buying it individually which costs a little less than PHP20 each. I save almnost 3 bucks!
- Locally available.

What I don't like:
- None!

Overall rating: 5/5

Will I buy again? A big YES! I've never loved any hair product this much.

Tip: I found buying in sachets cheaper. I compared the amount of product in a jar and the amount of product when buying these in sachets and considered the price too. Say, 10 of these sachets cost almost the same as the cost of one jar but I get more product in total (a rough estimate). Yes, I can be a cheapskate. :P

And here's a long overdue tag from the cutie Cha.

1. What inspired you to make a blog?
- I love reading beauty blogs and I learned a lot from it so I thought I might as well also share my own experiences with products.

2. If you could buy makeup from only ONE brand, what brand would that be?
- This is kinda difficult. Shu Uemura.

3. If you can change your name what name will you pick and why?
- Ingrid. I love the movie Casablanca and Ingrid Bergman was the lead female actress. :)

4. What is the theme song of your life right now?
- I think it's Under the Bridge by Red Hot Chili Peppers.

5. Who are you 3 years ago?
- A corporate slave. Haha! And someone who isn't sure of what she wants to do with her life.

6. What is your all time favorite food?
- Pasta and pizza and chicken.

7. What is your favorite make up as of the moment?
- Shu Uemura Glow On M Pink 30

8. If you can talk and have coffee with anyone tonight, who would it be
- If you're not free tonight, then I'd probably just have coffee with Simon Cowell. Talk about sarcasm being sexy. :P

And I am so loving this song.

Anyway, happy weekend! :)


  1. Aika, in between 19-20 pesos per sachet. Available in most SM supermarkets and Shopwise. :)

  2. The Elseve mask makes my scalp itchy!!! Wow, this might be the right one for me then. Thanks Pammy =)

  3. Try it, dear. It smells so much better too :)

  4. where can we buy this? hehe i'm currently using an organic brand. if i see this, try ko na :)

  5. Hi. These are available at SM supermarkets, Watson's, and Shopwise. :)


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