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Friday, November 19, 2010

Ambush Makeover

I wasn't feeling well when I woke up so I needed something to cheer me up. I saw our helper and I decided to do an ambush makeover on her, of course, using her own makeup. At 18, she is already into makeup and is already asking how to properly apply stuff on her face. Besides, she is the only willing victim in our house. Here is the before pic.

Her skin tone is uneven with roughness and spots on her cheeks with a few blackheads here and there though I was not able to totally capture those on cam. I had to soften the roughness on her cheeks and that's all I really needed to do. Her under eyes are way better than mine with almost no puffiness at all, with only minor dark circles.

The After pictures.

I used my sample of Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream on her to help conceal the blemishes. The shade is a little light for her so I had to top it off with her foundation. She didn't want me to do something about her eyebrows as she loves them. I wish mine were like hers, they'll be easier to fix.

What I used on her (her own makeup)
- Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream 21 - except for this
- Ever Bilena concealer
- Careline Foundation
- Generic purple eyeshadow and highlighter palette (I think she has Quianyu)
- Ever Bilena eyeliner
- ELF waterproof mascara
- Neutrogena Plum Perfect blush (my gift to her :P)
- ELF Candy Lip Gloss in Cherry Bomb

She's collecting makeup too. Maybe she'll try beauty blogging too? :P

Any comments or constructive feedback is welcome. :)



  1. Your post amused and made me smile, your helper is very lucky to work for you! And my! you transformed her face too, she looks polished and way way better! Great job Pammy!

  2. Thank you, Mina. :P I think it's fun having a young kikay helper. I sometimes take her to the mall with me and she checks out makeup too! Haha!

  3. This one's so nice Pammy! You ought to get to beauty school! this ambush makeover's really promising.

  4. Argie, I'd like to do an ambush on you one of these days. Haha! :P

  5. that's a wonderful makeover! good job! go , do more!!!

  6. Sharina, sure! Haha! Thank you. :P

    Nikki, thank you! I have to find willing victims to be ambushed. :P

    Shoe Splurge, yeah, it's nice giving people makeovers. :P

  7. "She's collecting makeup too. Maybe she'll try beauty blogging too?" ..this made me smile.

    Wow, she looks prettier after! Good job sis!

  8. You did a good job on the makeover. Would like to see more.

  9. Good job pammy! She looks prettier with makeup on. I bet she'll ask you to do a make-over again :)

  10. Lysa, thank you dearie. :P

    Ana, thanks! I need to find willing victims to be ambushed. :P

    Maria, thank you dear. If she does, I'd like to try smokey eyes on her. :P

  11. wonderful job, she is glowing there.. i like how you enhanced her natural beauty!

  12. wow, you made her face look so flawless! Awesome job!

  13. You look really pretty! :) I had a sample of the Missha BB cream as well! It's wonderful, isn't it? :) I am now using Lioele Beynd the Solution BB cream, which is kind of similar in texture to the Missha one :)

  14. Rainy Days and Lattes, yes, she does look pretty! :)

  15. kinawawa mo naman yun katulong mo. you made her the subject of comments and musings. does she even know? she actually looks a lot better than you pammy.

  16. She knows that her pictures were posted and was even pretty excited about it, and she was even happy with the makeover and even with the comments. I guess posts like this one are not for people who are narrow-minded on things. What else would be the subject of makeovers than the person made over? And I don't find that any of the comments may have ridiculed her, much less made fun of. It's all in how the mind of the reader works, you know. :)

    And I am not comparing how I look on how she looks and if you think she looks better than me, I fully respect your opinion, dear girl. :)

    Have a blessed life. :)


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