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Monday, November 22, 2010

Product Review: Mentholatum Lip Ice Color Lip Balm in Candy Apple

Last week, I met up with two super cute ladies, Arg and Crystal, at Gateway Mall. While we were at Watson's, I saw something I haven't seen before on their rack of lip balms - Mentholatum Lip Ice. I was a bit hesitant to buy one because I thought it was mentholated and I don't like minty lip balms so I skipped. But since some of them were tinted, and I am a sucker for tinted lip balms, I couldn't get those lippies off my mind. So when I friend and I went to the mall last Saturday to have frozen yogurt, I dropped by Watson's while he was ordering at White Hat. I looked for these lippies and successfully found them. I only got Candy Apple just to be able to try it out first and I was impressed. In fact, I am planning to get another one. :P

It comes in a simple white tube packaging resembling a lipstick with silver stars and berry-colored label.

It looks pretty dark on the tube but it goes on really sheer and applies smoothly.

Description on the cardboard packaging:

Lip ice color lip balm
Natural moisturizing color

- Gives natural and lovely color for soft and beautiful lips.
- A super moist retention formula with water microsphere and AcHA (Sodium Acetyl Hyaluronate)
- Contains Vitamin E, Lanolin Oil, Meadowfoam Seed Oil, Mango Seed Butter to keep your lips soft and moisturized.
- SPF15 for UV protection.
What I like:
- I hate waxy lip balms like Chapstick and Carmex. This one applies smoothly and does not in any way feel waxy.
- It is quite pigmented for a lip balm and a swipe shows enough color on the lips.
- Texture is like that of a lipstick but this is moisturizing and hydrating with enough gloss in it. I can say it is moisturizing because I applied it before I slept and woke up with really soft and smooth lips like I just used a lip scrub.
- Staying power is decent. It lasts for a couple of hours if you do not eat or drink and leaves a nice pink tint on the lips. Your lips still feel soft and smooth even after the lip balm is gone when you eat.
- It has SPF15.
- OC people will love the packaging as it is hygienic and you won't have to dip your fingers in a pot.
- Inexpensive. This one costs only PHP125. Other lip balms without the tint cost cheaper, like less than 70 bucks.
- NOW locally available at Watson's.

What I don't like:
- It has a funny smell.

Overall rating: 4.5/5

Will I buy again? YES! In fact, I am buying another one tomorrow. :P


  1. Wow!! It is beautiful on your lips!! :) The color is really nice as well! I wish we had a Watsons in the US!

  2. Jen, I saw on the cardboard that it is a US company so I thought it could be available on drugstores? I hope it is. :D

  3. I am sooo happy its available locally na! I LOVE the lemon lipbalm and I had to hoard pa when I visited Taiwan and Hong Kong, I'm glad we have it locally!

  4. i saw this in watsons a while ago but i was hesitant in buying it (but i really went to watsons to look for a lipstick/lipbalm). But my instinct says i should but i didn't..

    I knew i have to follow my instinct!

    thanks for the review,sweetie!

    this will definitely be included in my basket the next visit to watsons

  5. Nikki, me too! I'm glad that I was able to finally try the much raved mentholatum lip balm! :P

  6. Thiamere, that's exactly how I felt when I first saw this. You should definitely include this in your Watson's basket! :P

  7. It looks perfect on your lips, Pam! It's good you bought one! I'm not a sucker for lipsticks/glosses but I'm really impressed with this product.

  8. Argie, have you tried this too? If not, then I know what to get you for Christmas. Haha! :P

  9. I wonder if we have this in the States! Now I wish I bought this before the I left the Philippines. :s

    It looks great on your lips, Pam! :) Cover your nose whenever you apply it and the review will be 100% positive. lol.

  10. Toni, I hope it's available in the US. This became locally available only recently though. Haha! I hold my breath whenever I apply this. :P

  11. nice review :) the color is so adorbz :) will def try that

  12. Nadine, I hope you'll like it when you get to try it. :P

  13. LOL, Pammy... i havent tried lipice yet. :) now you know... LOL

  14. Argie, super awesome. :P

    Charry, yey! Hope you'll like it too. :P

  15. I saw this on Watsons. So sad naman hindi ko binili. I thought it wasn't a good product e. oh well, I'm sure to get this one na! :) nice review

  16. Christine, you may also want to try the Sheer Color one! I like it better than this one. :P

  17. haha you actually bought it! it looks nice actually! parang gusto ko din! hmmm...

  18. Crystal, I did! Napanaginipan ko sila. :P The Sheer color one is actually nicer. :)

  19. It looks really pretty on you! I'm gonna get one the soonest possible time!

  20. Meedge, thanks. Yey, I hope you'll like it too! :P

  21. wow!it suits you very well. Thanks for your post, will definitely buy one tom, i'll include this in my weekend haul! :))

  22. rachaelah, thank you. I hope you'll like it too. :P

  23. i have the sheer color variant........can't really be called a lip conditioner.......but well it does give a pretty color to the lips!!!! nice the way!!!


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