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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Product Review: Dove Intensive Creme

Even though I have combi-oily facial skin, the rest of my body is dry. My arms and legs are so dry that sometimes, they look unbelievably scaly and it doesn't help that I also have skin asthma so I experience itchiness especially on really cold days/nights. That's why I have to use something really moisturizing and hydrating so I will be relieved of the itchiness and the "scales". I prefer using body butters but found that most are heavily scented which isn't good for my nose. So far, I really like Vanilla & Co. Whipped Buttercream in Fresh Vanilla Milk - it's sweet but nothing that gives me a major headache. As for lotions, I rely on Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula and Lander Haydrating Cocoa Butter. Their scents aren't as heavy and nauseating (in my case) as others and they really do a wonderful job in keeping my skin itch and scale-free and moisturized. I've been really happy and satisfied with those two when my mom handed me a Dove Intensive Cream from Dubai which was even part of my September Favorites post. I have been using it for months now that I finally decided it's time to give it a review.

What I like:
- Very moisturizing. Makes my skin feels hydrated and smooth.
- This creme is very rich and thick that you only need a very little amount for those spots you want to apply this on.
- Since the texture is really thick, I prefer using this on really dry spots such as elbows, knees, ankles, and even on my feet. I can't imagine applying this all over my body.
- Keeps my skin moisturized for hours.
- This little jar contains 150mL which I know will last for years since I use this only on certain parts of my body.
- I prefer using this on really cold days/nights as regular lotion just won't do it for me.

What I don't like:
- It is scented. Seriously, I hold my breath every time I apply this as it once triggered my allergic rhinitis. (It's just my nose, others might be able to like the scent.) I also wash my hand after applying this so I won't smell it when my hands get near my face.
- It is in a jar so I need to use a spatula to scoop out some of it.
- I haven't seen this around so I'm not sure if this is locally available.

Overall rating: 4/5 I still gave it a 4 because it really hydrates and moisturizes. I would recommend this to those with extremely dry skin.

Will I buy again? Maybe not. And I know I won't have to in years as this will surely last me a long time. Plus I prefer something that isn't as thick as this creme. I would probably just stick to Palmer's and Lander since I don't really mind reapplying every now and then.

See how thick this creme is? I have been using this for 3 months or so and there is still so much product left.

What's your favorite creme?

Happy Sunday, super awesome peeps! :P


  1. i used to have this. it was given to me by my cousins.
    i think it's not available locally . sad nga eh. i like it pa naman

  2. ohhh.. this is one of my favorite! =) body butters are l-o-v-e!

  3. Lysa, ooh, so it's really not available locally nga. I like it but not enough to find ways to get my hands on this though. :P

    Rosey, you must really like this product to have become one of your favorites. :P

  4. Haven't tried this! Ohhh another good product to try!!!

  5. Nikki, I know you have dry skin. Maybe you'll like this! :P

  6. wow! thanx for this review! now i know what will we good for winter time for my skin :)

  7. Mddalena, I hope you also liked it. :)

    Anastacia, yeah! But it can be a little sticky if applied all over the body. :P

  8. I never knew Dove has this and also didn't know you have skin asthma. :(

    I love using Dove products since they really work so I hope one day soon, some relative or friend would give this to me, as a gift. :D

  9. Madz, I hope Santa grants your wish this Christmas! :P


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