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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Product Review: MAC Studio Finish Concealer

Here is the third installment on my concealer reviews. This is the only concealer that I have re-purchased and I will be reviewing the MAC Studio Finish Concealer. I first encountered this concealer a little over two years and a half ago and I was given MAC NC35 that time due to my tan but even then, it was dark on me but I like it so much that I purchased it in NC30 last year. Still, my tan wasn't completely gone and now that my skin color is finally coming back, NC30 is now a tad dark and yellow on me but I still love it. Though I do not use it that often due to the shade mismatch, I still like it enough to use when I need a lot of coverage especially when my skin acts up. On to the review then. :)

What I like:
- Consistency and texture is really creamy making it easy to blend.
- Coverage is really good as it can effectively conceal blemishes and even dark circles on the under eyes.
- No granny makeup scent though it has this scent I can't describe but tolerable.
- A little goes a long way. You only need a very little amount to cover blemishes.
- Lasting power is pretty decent and lasts for hours on my combi-oily skin.
- It does not turn grayish or ashy on me unlike other concealers.
- Some may not like the fact that it is in a pot but I actually like the packaging - it's a straight on concealer with no fancy packaging. You can use a concealer brush instead of dipping your fingers so that is no biggie for me.
- It may be expensive at first for PHP850 or PHP950 (no longer sure about the price since there was a price increase) per pot but it lasts for a year or so making the price just right.
- Locally available at MAC counters.

What I don't like:
- Although it is really creamy, it has a tendency to cake and settle on fine lines especially when used on the under eyes so applying an eye cream is a must if you plan to use it on the under eyes.
- It tends to be a little oily especially on humid days even though it sits pretty on my makeup box.
- It sometimes slide off on really hot days so setting it with powder is needed.

Overall rating: 4/5 It gives me the coverage I want and need.

Will I buy again? Yes. I love this but I will repurchase once I use up all my concealers. :)


Another picture of my niece doing the "baho" (smelly) face on our helper. ;D

What's your favorite concealer?

Happy Sunday, super awesome peeps! :P


  1. Oh my gosh your niece is super duper cute! good looks really runs in the family!
    I havent tried mac concealers yet but from the looks of it, it seems like hg material and i like excellent coverage more than anything else. When i run out of concealer i'll surely give this one a try:-)

  2. Mina, thanks. She's really cute and wakes me up every morning. Won't stop poking me until I finally wake up. :P This is a nice concealer if you like heavy coverage but this really cakes. :)

  3. i want to buy mac concealers talaga.. looking forard to mac pro long wear.. your niece is cute!!hehe

  4. Donna, thanks. If ever you purchase the MAC pro long wear, I'll be waiting for your review. :P

  5. hahahhaha her baho pose is super cute. I'm teaching my nephew to chant MANNY! MANYY! lol.

    by the way, I've never tried any mac concealers before but this one sounds pretty good.

  6. Aww your niece is adorable! Makes me miss mine :(

    I'm torn between this concealer and the one from MUFE.

  7. MAC concealers are really rated high, noh? Glad you have an HG concealer stashed in your kit.

    And your niece is so pilya! :)

    Will you pass on the beauty blogging legacy to her?

  8. Becky, I can just imagine your nephew doing the Manny chant! :P

    Fifi, your niece must be very cute too just like her auntie. :P

    Argie, yes she is so pilya. She's definitely "siga" and bullies even her older sister. :P I think she is a beauty blogger in the making. I saw her fidgeting with my lip balm and holding a blush. :P

  9. Pammy!

    Have you tried Dior's Nude Concealer? It doesn't cake like MAC's concealer and it's very hydrating and blends perfectly.

  10. Sunflowers, I haven't tried that Dior concealer. Based on how you described it, it sounds like a really good concealer. Maybe I should try that once I'm done with all my concealers. Thanks for the reco! :P

  11. What a cutie!

    I'm glad you did this post because I just got the MAC Pro longwear concealer last night in NC30 and I think it's too dark for me too. I was thinking about taking a look at the Studio Finish concealer instead tomorrow what I go to exchange it. that you've said the creaminess can settle into fine lines I might have to skip then. I just put up with Stila's Perfect concealer that is SO creamy it never sets and creases big time so I'm not going to be happy if my next one does that same.....Thanks for reviewing this I am always on the hunt for a good concealor

  12. heard raves after raves about this concealer :)

  13. Angeltea, that Stila concealer sounds like a good product! :P

    Nikki, some of those raves I read were the reason I tried this concealer. :P

  14. ang cute ng niece mo! =)

    i love the coverage of this concealer, some said the texture is kinda hard but I dont see a problem with it coz I only have to warm it up using my fingers before applying.

  15. Kim, me too. I never experience it being hard at all. And I also warm it up just like you do. :)

  16. oh i used this a few yrs ago..i found it a little too dry but you are right it gives good coverage!

    my fave for under the eyes is definitely the bobbi brown creamy concealer!

  17. Nic, I've been reading raves about the BB one. It's probably worth checking out. :)


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