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Monday, November 15, 2010

Product Review: Purederm Botanical Choice Anti-Stress Heat Therapy Mask "Apricot"

Stress is something that anyone would want to get rid of. I'm sure anyone would do anything that can help relieve stress and its effects. I, for one, am stressed due to work and perhaps quarter life crisis is adding to that so I grab any chance I can get to do something that will help me relax without burning a hole in my pocket. When I received my Purederm gift box, this is one of the products that were included and I have been waiting for the perfect moment to try it. Today, I was feeling stressed and restless and I thought that was the moment I was waiting for so I can test its effectiveness. Read on for my review of Purederm Botanical Choice Anti-Stress Heat Therapy Mask "Apricot".

This is a self-heating mask containing apricot and avocado which claims to relax and invigorate its user.

Click photo for product description and instructions on how to use as well as cautions.

What I like:
- This product smells good! I don't know how to describe it but all I know is that is smells really good.
- The color is a very pretty milky peach-pink and consistency is neither thick nor runny.
- Once applied, it immediately does its self-heating power and you can definitely feel it heating up right on your skin. It's like steaming your face without the sweat.
- I find the warm sensation relaxing. Invigorating? Not sure but it did manage to relax me while I have it on.
- Does not leave an oily film or residue on the face and is easily washed off with water.
- No stinging sensation and did not make my face itchy.
- Locally available at selected Watson's and SM department stores.

What I don't like:
- I am a bit impatient and waiting for 15-20 minutes (as instructed) was a pain for me. Definitely not for those who want a quick pampering.
- Made my face red for a good 10 minutes. Scared me, really. But then I realized that it could just very well be the natural reaction of the skin when heated. But it is the feeling that I might have once again irritated my face that I didn't like.

Overall rating: 4/5

Will I buy again? Yes. It really helped me relax a bit. :)

The mask. Color is so cute.

On me. Has a slight pinkish cast.

Have you tried self-heating masks?

Happy Monday, super awesome peeps! :)

NOTE: Product received for review but has not in any way influenced my experience and review on this product.


  1. I haven't tried that volcanic ash facial mask from TFS but I'll keep that in mind. :P

  2. hihihi I'm glad to have the chance to read your reviews as I won't be testing this! :)

    The color is indeed cute and girly! hahaha

  3. Nikki, the color is what I liked the most about it. :P

  4. This reminds me of Garnier self-heating mask. . .

  5. i havent try self heating mask in a long time! looks like you have lovely smooth skin :)

  6. I've tried a pumpkin heating mask but I had to wash it off after a minute or so because it felt terrible on my face.

    i feel that this mask is kinda different and as you've said, it's pretty relaxing. something worth trying, perhaps?

  7. maria, I've been itching to try that Garnier self-heating mask but I have a terrible relationship with Garnier products. :(

    Nic, thank you. :)

    Argie, good thing I skipped that one from iWhite. The heat is something tolerable (for me) so maybe you can try just a little bit on your jawline? You can instantly feel the heat. :)

  8. This reminds me of the Biore self heating masks. I used to love those, but the new formula really irritates my skin.

  9. Tammy, so sad that that mask irritates your skin. Hate it when a company reformulates and end up having a worse product. :(


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