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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Product Review: Skinfood Salmon Dark Circle Powder

When concealing dark under eye circles, we need something to set the concealer in place. Most of the time, translucent powder will do but wouldn't it be better if there is a setting powder made especially for under eye concealers? It was pretty smart of Skinfood to come up with a tag team for dark circles with their Salmon line. I have tried the Salmon Dark Circle Concealer Cream and it was an okay product but I honestly think it works better when set with the Salmon Dark Circle Powder. Having used the Dark Circle Powder for almost a month now with different concealers, I think it's about time I give it a review.

What I like:
- Powder is finely milled and texture is not too powdery nor chalky.
- Does not settle on fine lines unlike the concealer.
- Nice enough to use even on other concealers.
- Brightens under eyes. The amount of yellow is just right which isn't screaming yellow.
- Comes with a cute puff that I sometimes use when I am too lazy to get my brush.
- Packaging is really nice. The gold-bronze lid adds accent to it making the pot not look tacky.
- Has a faint scent but smells nice, actually. Does not in any way smell like salmon.
- Locally available at Skinfood outlets but cheaper if purchased online.

What I don't like:
- Not enough to be used alone.
- A little expensive for an under eye setting powder.

Overall rating: 4/5

Will I buy again? Yes but I won't buy it from the stores. I got this online for only Php471 whereas this costs twice as much when purchased from the store.

Tip: For cheaper alternatives, yellow mineral concealers in loose powder form work just the same as this one.

Tip2: To avoid caking, use a fluffy eyeshadow brush and lightly blend on the under eyes. Too much of this product will help make the concealer cake even more.

Have you tried setting powders for the under eyes?

Happy freaking hot Wednesday, super awesome peeps! :P


  1. i don't use concealers that much but i have heard a lot of good things about skinfood's salmon concealer.

    & after reading your review, i knew that i would have to try skinfood first rather than mac..but of course, i'll buy it online where it's a lot cheaper.

    thanks for this post,sweetie!

  2. mas cheaper nga sa Ebay noh?!
    thanks for the review Pammy! tagal na akong curious nito =)

  3. I'm dying to try this concealer. A lot of good reviews grabe. Sige hanap din nga ako online. Haha. :)

  4. Thiamere, glad that you don't have to use concealers that much! I like the MAC concealer better than the salmon concealer. This powder just works with almost any concealer I have tried it with. :P

    Kim, true. It's waaaay cheaper on eBay. :P

    Yen, oh no. This is the dark circle powder and not the concealer. :P

  5. i loved this powder's effect on my eyes, too! thanks for sharing the powder and a lot more beauty stuff with me! :)

  6. Haven't tried the powder form! OO nga, I should have bought one in Korea, i totally forgot about these! :)

  7. gyc, go try this! :P

    Nikki, oh. Sayang you forgot about this. :)

  8. This looks so promising, makes me wanna see for myself if i can pull off without using concealer and just this powder alone...hmmm and i like its cute packaging too:-)

  9. Mina, the packaging is really cute. :P If you don't have really dark under eye circles, then you can probably get away wearing this alone. :)

    Kim, haha! I hope you'll like it too. :P


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