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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Product Review: EcoTools Kabuki Brush from the Mineral 5-pc Bamboo Brush Set

If you love make up, you will agree with me when I say brushes are essential tools. Though people have preferences when it comes to the materials brushes are made of - synthetic and animal hair - it still boils down to the fact that brushes are important. I noticed that I haven't been reviewing much the brushes that I love so I will start reviewing them one by one. I'll start with the kabuki brush that is included in the EcoTools Mineral 5-pc Bamboo Brush set. I've had this for a year and a half and have been using it for that long so I will give it its well-deserved review.

I personally prefer brushes with synthetic bristles over those made of animal hair. I find animal hair scratchy and they shed a lot. I want something smooth and soft, without having to worry that the bristles will irritate the skin. So almost all my brushes are synthetic except for my stippling brushes with partial animal hair. And please, love the animals, not make them bald!!! :P

What I like:
- This brush is unbelievably soft and not in any way scratchy.
- Bristles are made of synthetic taklon and recycled tin (for the base) so this is eco-friendly, thus, the name EcoTools.
- I mentioned I have been using this for over a year now and it has not shed a single hair. I never experienced having tiny stray hairs on my face with this brush. Absolutely no shedding.
- It does not bleed every time I wash it.
- Picks up and deposits powder evenly (of course, by buffing it) and provides light -medium coverage depending on your desired coverage.
- Not as dense as other kabuki brushes and therefore ideal for light dusting of powders. Can be used to have lighter coverage from those foundations that are heavy.
- The size of this brush is really cute and can easily fit in purses since this is small - around 2 inches.
- Can be used on foundation (pressed or loose), blushes, and finishing powders (some even use it for bronzers).
- Has never irritated my skin the way brushes with animal hairs did (Yes, I have used a couple of brushes with animal hairs when I was starting out with makeup).

What I don't like:
- The top of this baby buki has become flat (could be that I buff too hard?).

- Be extra careful with this brush as it might break off just like what happened to Nikki's. :(
- Cannot be purchased individually as this is part of a set. However, if you want just a kabuki brush from EcoTools, you can try their retractable kabuki which is denser.
- Not locally available at malls but you can buy them from resellers.

Overall rating: 4/5

Will I buy again? Yes but I don't need an entire brush set so I might try baby kabuki brushes from other brands. I have been itching to try the Charm mini kabuki and I might buy one soon so I can have something to alternate this brush with.

Size compared to a MAC lipstick.

Really cute and small. My hands look bigger when holding this brush.

What's your favorite kabuki brush?

Happy Thursday, super awesome peeps! :P


  1. i love this!!! whoa oo nga naging flat.. yay!! i bring this everywhere

  2. Donna, I though mine was the only one that became flat, no pala! Haha! I bring mine too everywhere. :P

  3. apir! i prefer synthetic brushes too.. i really love this brush, takot ako baka matanggal din yung hair =(

  4. i haven't tried any ecotools brush yet. im eyeing on their bronzer brush because of the high MUA rating :)

    my current (and first) love for kabuki brushes is EDM's long handle kabuki brush :)

    see ya tomorrow!

  5. Kim, I;m also scared that the bristles will separate with the base. Haha! :P

    Arj, I still have the EDM flat top kabuki and I still like it! I miss the LHK. :( I'm excited for our make up and food trip tomorrow. :D

  6. Sabi nga ng friend ko cheap pero good quality :) might get one. sana avail na siya talaga dito

  7. Nadine, believe what your friend told you. There are resellers on eBay and multiply. :)

  8. Kaloka ka, Pammy! :) Ahihi. I'm so happy you decided to get one. I super love it. Even my friends bought one each :) And ang soft nya :) I end up putting so much kasi di ko namamalayan kasi nga ligayang ligaya ako magbrush :D

  9. Tara, you're to blame for my purchase of the Charm mini buki! Kidding! :P Seriously, your review convinced me to buy one. I just can't get that brush out of my head. Haha! :P

  10. Wow it is so durable! It didn't shed hairs which is the problem of other brushes, and it's so tiny cute, I could just imagine how soft it feels on the skin! :-)

  11. i have this ecotools set and yes, it really is soft but durable.. im so loving it ^_^

  12. Ida, it's small! Haha! Go get one! :P

    Mina, it is durable and God knows how many times I just threw this inside my purse. It has been sort of abused yet it's still in a good condition. :P

    Khryz, yay to EcoTools! I just love their brushes. :P

    Kirstyb, no prob. Thanks for dropping by. :P

  13. love soft brushes too :P wow! and i don't have any kabuki brushes yet lol~

  14. Anastacia, try kabuki brushes. Application using it brings simple pleasures. :P

  15. i've been eyeing on this ecotools set.. i like the handles:P thanks for this review!


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