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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Product Review: Skinfood Rice Concealer Tip #21

This is the second installment of my concealer reviews. I have been using this concealer since 2008 (but of course, not the same one I had back then) and I really like it a lot. I remember raving about this on GT until I crossed paths with MAC Studio Finish Concealer which became my HG for quite some time. But since the NC30 shade is now dark for me, I started using the lighter ones for my under eyes and blemishes. So here is the review it deserves.

What  I like:
- The scent. I won't mind using this over and over because it smells really good.
- The consistency is thick and creamy yet it dries to a powder finish.
- Applies smoothly and blends well with the skin.
- Provides medium coverage. 
- I like how it brightens my under eyes making them appear as if they were well rested.
- The shade I have is #21 and although it appears a tad light upon initial application, blending is the key to make it look more natural and right for my skin tone.
- Staying power is good and lasts for hours.
- I would recommend this to those who have oily skin.

What I don't like:
- Since it dries to a powder finish, it has a tendency to cake when too much is applied.
- It dries quickly so you have to be quick in blending.
- Although it gives medium coverage, I find that this isn't enough to conceal my dark circles. 
- Oxidizes even on my under eyes. It turns ashy gray after a couple of hours.
- Tends to be a bit drying, thus, the caking and settling on fine lines especially on the under eye area.

In between: Although the doe-foot applicator is easy and convenient to use, it will become not so hygienic if you dip the wand and apply it straight on your skin then dip it once again to get more product. For it to become hygienic, get the product from the wand using a concealer brush and make sure you get enough so no double dipping for you and use the brush to dot the concealer on your face.

Overall rating: 3/5

Will I buy again? Since I used this mainly for the under eyes, I'm actually not sure if I would repurchase because I was reunited with Skinfood Salmon Dark Circle Concealer Cream  which I find works better for the under eyes (see my review of Shade #1)and this time, shade #2 suits my skin tone perfectly. And I will review Shade #2 once I receive its matching Skinfood Dark Circle Powder. :P



Happy Saturday, super awesome peeps! :P


  1. loved the tip on making the application uber hygienic :) happy saturday, too, pammy!

  2. i love the coverage and staying power of this concealer but too bad it accentuates my fine lines and I find it too drying sa undereyes.. di kasi gaanong oily skin ko eh.

  3. Arj, thanks! But I always forget to do that too. :P

    Khymm, I experience that too since the skin on my under eyes are drier than the rest of my face.

  4. awe! it sounds so much like my the face shop face & it concealer. next time should try this one :) thanx for the review!

  5. Anastacia, I hope you'll like this when you try it. :P

  6. I nearly bought this in Korea, but I stopped myself, I was saying "Nikki, you have enough concealer" hahaha good thing I did listen to my conscience :D

  7. Nikki, good for you! My conscience does not stop me all the time from buying something. Sometimes makes me feel guilty about not buying something. :D

  8. I want to see a picture of your clock!!
    That sounds so neat.
    I like this review too as I am now out of concealer and I need a new one stat!



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