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Friday, October 8, 2010

Product Review: Stila Major Lash Mascara

Here's another mascara review that has been long overdue. As my eyes sometimes look small, I dunno why they do that though sometimes they look round, I need something to open them up so no one will ask me if I just cried. Yeah, people sometimes ask me that. :( Anyway, time for the review.

What I like:
- It makes my lashes longer and thicker but still look natural enough and not really dramatic. One coat is enough to achieve that.
- The brush that came with it is easy to work with though it is just a regular brush.
- Separates my lashes and no clumping unless I apply too much.
- Does not sting and irritate my eyes.
- Has a shelf life of 6 months. I have only recently started using this though.
- I am not sure if it is waterproof or not but either way, it does not smudge unless I rub my eyes.
- Locally available at Stila counters in Rustan's though I don't know the price since this was a gift from Chel the Malditang Doktora.

What I don't like:
- Weighs the curls down after a few hours.

Overall rating: 3.5/5

Will I buy again? Maybe not. I prefer mascaras that hold curls very well. :)

On me. (I know it looks weird but I really have no idea why my eyes look as if they were looking at two different spots.)


  1. sounds like a pretty good mascara but i don't like mascara that weighs the lashes down. it makes the eyes seem smaller on which contradicts the reason why we use mascara...we want them to open up!

    anyway, this is 1 of the reason why im not into american/european mascaras because i feel like their formulas are way too thick & tends to weigh the lashes down

  2. Thia, I totally agree that mascaras should open up the eyes and not make them look smaller. I haven't tried any mascaras from Asian brands though I am itching to. :P

  3. I've tried this and it does nothing much for me, buti ka pa! Your lashes look longer! I just bought a new mascara from Etude House and I can't wait to use it :)

  4. Nikki, too bad it didn't do much for your lashes. It has mixed reviews nga. Will wait for the EH mascara review when you get back! :P

  5. wow long lashes! I think you have lovely lashes already....

  6. I have this mascara too but I haven't tried it yet, im tempted to try it soon and I wish my lashes would become as long as yours! Haha...wishful thinking!

  7. Nic, thank you. :)

    Mina, I hope the mascara will also lengthen your lashes. :P

  8. Wow this sounds great...Haven't tried it yet coz i'm using the Loreal one now. Thanks for the review...Lovely blog.
    Try checking out mine.

  9. Ok yay thanks for the mascara review! I am alway buying new mascaras!


  10. even if it's weighs lashes down it looks gorgeous on your eyes!

  11. Rakshanda, thank you. Will check out your blog too. :)

    Angela, yeah, mascaras are important. :P

    Anastacia, thanks! That's the only prob about this mascara. Too bad. :(


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