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Monday, October 4, 2010

DIY Project: Homemade Eyeshadow Primer

Since I am still a newbie when it comes to using eyeshadow, I cannot bring myself to invest on expensive primers like UDPP and Too Faced Shadow Insurance at this stage. I barely go out with eyeshadow so I might just end up wasting the products. So I researched and found ways on how to make your own and tried it and I guess I ended up being successful in doing so.

To make this mixture, I used the following:
- Thick cream (I used a pea-sized amount of Dove Intensive Cream)
- Foundation (I used Revlon Colorstay Foundation)
- Liquid Concealer (I used Maybelline Mineral Concealer, a really small portion of it)

I mixed them altogether on a jar until the consistency is really thick and rich. And that's just about it! I think it ended okay since the colors of the ELF Brightening Eyeshadow Quad in Ivy became more vibrant. See the swatches below.

Have you done any DIY stuff you can use for makeup? :P

Happy Manic Monday! :P


  1. Hi, can i use moisturizer or face cream instead? thanks

  2. i have UDPP but I barely use it since di gaanong oily lids ko hehe..

    wow, the colors look vibrant nga!

  3. Anonymous, I think you can definitely use face creams or moisturizers as long as they are thick and not watery or runny. :)

    Khymm, I have oily lids!!! I'm glad the colors came to life even with just a diy primer. :P

  4. Nadine, I'm glad you find this post helpful. :)

  5. that's great :) have you road-tested if it is long lasting or if it creases easily on your lids?

  6. wow! the results are very obvious!! i admire your creativity! great work :D

  7. Beverly, my lids are really oily so the shadow still creased during midday when I road tested it. If your lids aren't that oily, this'll probably work. :)

    Nic, thank you! Yeah, happy that it made the colors pop!:P

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  9. This looks really great! But can you use JUST foundation or JUST concealer, without mixing them together? Just wondering. Also, since you asked that little DIY question at the end, YEAHHHH I have definitely by DIYing this week! I made my own lip colour by mixing petroleum jelly/a clear lip gloss with eyeshadow. Works really great and brings a moisturizing tint to your lips. You should try it out :)


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