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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Product Review: T. Le Clerc Fard a Joues Poudre in 03 Brun Rose

Here is another blush I have been showing some love lately. Though I haven't totally reviewed it at all (only posted about acquiring it)o, I think this is more like a revisited and reviewed post since I have had this blush for a year now and I have used it only a few times so being able to use this these past couple of days made me realize it's time to finally give this blush a review.




What I like:
- First of all, I absolutely adore the packaging.! It looks so classic and even has a vintage feel to it. And it's so small, it can easily fit any purse.
- The shade is a lovely pink-rose that looks really natural on the cheeks. It looks a little bit like GOSH blush in Electric Pink but this one is more rosey.
- Pigmented. It is very easy to overdo this blush so apply it with a very light hand to get that natural looking flush.
- Small as it may seem, it has 5g of product, even more than NARS blushes.
- Texture is really silky and velvety and applies really smoothly.
- Did not cause me to break out, no allergic reactions too.
- UNSCENTED! 'nuff said. :P
- Locally available at T. Le Clerc counters at Rustan's.

What I don't like:
- May tend to look a bit blotchy if not blended well so blending is really the key in making this blush work.
- Shades available here are limited. This was the only shade I saw the the counter in Rustan's Gateway at the time I made my purchase so I didn't have any choice at that time. I dunno if there are more shades available now.

In between:  It may be a little expensive at PHP1150 but with the amount of product you get and the shelf life of 2 years, I think the price is justifiable.

Overall rating: 4/5

Will I buy again? Maybe. I still have this and other blushes to use up. But I really like the packaging!

Trivia: T. Le Clerc has been around since 1881 just like Bourjois (since the 1800's)  which is the sister company of Chanel. 

Weekend's almost here! Yay!
Happy Thursday! :)


  1. ince.. im a new follower and im so glad to found another pinay blogger

  2. Nice review Pam, maybe i should try it too :)

  3. ThRiSzha, thanks for following my blog. Will check out yours too. :)

    Charry, it's pretty! Try it! :P

    Nadine, thanks. :)

  4. I love this review! very informative. I like the color of this blush a lot. Although is this product available somewhere in the states too??
    PS--Thanks for your sweet comment, sometimes its still hard to get used to my hair looking that long! LOL


  5. Angela, thanks! :) Been googling and looking for store locations in the US but I mostly see online stores like and carrying this brand but there is a T. LeClerc Station in Barneys NY and another one in Toronto (R. Hiscott's store). I even checked the barneys website and they really have it! :P

  6. oh i have heard a lot about this brand.. especially their face powders. Thanks for the review you can never have too many blushes ;)

  7. Nic, I agree that girls can never have too many blushes! :P I have heard raves about their Banane powder.


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