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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Product Review: Kryolan DermaColor Camouflage Creme in D2

Most, if not all, women battle with dark under eyes either from lack of sleep, stress, or genetics. The quick and easy fix for that is by applying concealers under the eyes to cover up the dark circles or dullness. Of course, nothing will beat getting enough rest and sleep and maybe eye creams for well-rested eyes but if you really do not have enough time to sleep or you have insomnia (just like I do), then concealers will be your best friend. I am using three concealers so far - MAC Studio Finish Concealer, Maybelline Mineral Power Natural Perfecting Concealer, and Kryolan Derma Color Camouflage Creme. I just realized I have not reviewed any concealers at all so I will review all three starting with Kryolan.

In comparison to MAC Studio Finish Concealer

What I like:
- It's like a concealer and foundation in one. It can be used as a foundation just like the Kryolan TV Paint Stick that I reviewed last year.
- The shade D2 matches my skin tone perfectly (NC25-NC30 for reference)
- Covers blemishes and dark circles.
- A little goes a long way. A small amount is enough to cover the entire face too.
- Lasts for hours on my combi-oily skin.
- The smallest pot contains 4mL of product, which, I think will last for more than a year since you only need just a dab of the concealer brush on the pot and that is enough for one eye.
- I would consider this product to be cheap since it was purchased in Kryolan, Germany and if I remember it correctly, it was in between PHP600-PHP700 if converted to pesos. Definitely cheaper than MAC.
- It is locally available at Kryolan, Il Terrazzo in Tomas Morato for PHP950, I think.

What I don't like:
- Since the texture is really thick, I kind of struggle just a little bit in blending it. I spend a bit more time blending it as compared to creamier concealers like MAC Studio Finish and Maybelline.
- You have to apply just a verrrry thin layer so it won't cake. I once made the mistake of piling it on and it settled on the lines and caked like heck!
- The scent!!! Smells like granny makeup!!!

Overall rating: 4/5

Will I buy again? Yes, but that would have to wait as I still have this and two other concealers to use up. And I get to have a foundation and concealer in one product so it is definitely value for money.


My bare eyes - see the dark circles and the puffy under eyes?

Blended with a stippling brush. Notice how my eyes look rested and a bit brighter? I like its concealing power!

What's your favorite concealer?
Happy Wednesday! :P


  1. Interesting Pammy! Thanks for the review.

    I wonder if the texture is like LM Secret Camouflage, which is a pretty hard concealer. Creamy concealers cake up on dark spots kasi. I'd like to try it if the texture is really hard to the point that you have to use your brush to get sufficient pigment instead of fingers. Hmmm...

    - Trace

  2. My fav concealer is def glo minerals! But I am wondering what is your fav under eye cream as far as dryness and wrinkles go? I dont have much of a problem with dark circles!


  3. I am always on the hunt for the nicest concealer, I like that this one is good even for oily skin, your review made me aware of kryolans concealer, thanks will be on the lookout for it:-)

  4. Trace, that is exactly how I would describe this concealer - really hard to the point that you have to use your brush to get sufficient pigment instead of fingers. Because of that, I don't use it that much. :(

    Lady, I have not tried any mineral concealers at all because I break out with minerals. :( Oh boy, I stopped using eye creams. I just use the Clinique DDML on my under eyes since it doesn't work for the rest of my face.

    Minakichu, this is nice if you can tolerate really thick textures that's kinda hard to blend with just your fingers. :)

  5. wow! the difference in the before and after shots is pretty impressive. I imagine the thick texture of this would be slightly annoying but then I'm sure it s worth spending a little extra time blending if it does what it says on the tin

    I generally use maximum coverage by estee lauder but it a liquid so goes on easily and covers absolutely everything :)

  6. it really covered your dark circles! =) My fave concealer now is The Balm Timebalm and MAC studio finish...

  7. hey Pammy, you can see the difference. How cool! I wanna read your Kryolan TV Paint Stick review.

    oh and LOL on the granny makeup scent.

  8. the coverage looks good, but i'm not a fan of thick concealers! my under eye area is really dry so I like liquidy and moisturizing concealers. my fav right now is dior hydrating concealer

  9. All Made Up, I agree. Its being a little too thick is my beef about this product though it really does the concealing job. EL concealer sounds good. :)

    Khymm, I have always liked MAC Studio Finish but the shade I have is now dark on me. :( Time Balm seemed like a great product based on your review. :)

    Becky, I swear it smells like granny makeup! I prefer unscented stuff for the face as I noticed that most scented products break me out. :)

    Amy, its thickness is really the only major prob with this apart from the scent. I sometimes mix it with moisturizer for it to be creamier and glide on smoothly. :) I've read lotsa good reviews on the Dior one.


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