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Saturday, October 30, 2010

LUSH Colour Supplement Swatches

I have been seeing blog posts and reviews about this product by Lush and some reviews made me want to go grab a jar of this. So when I went to Lush (Trinoma) with the cute Arg of The Beauty Bin yesterday afternoon, I took the chance to swatch them and see what shade suits me.

Here are the swatches.

No flash - Light Pink, Dark Pink, Light Yellow, Dark Yellow (extra: their tinted lip balm)

With flash- Light Pink, Dark Pink, Light Yellow, Dark Yellow (extra: their tinted lip balm)

I was matched with Light Pink based on the swatches but once I blended Light Pink and Light Yellow, they looked pretty much the same on my arm. I really had the intention of buying one but decided not to when they started forming something that somewhat looks like cement or "nagbubuo-buo". Plus my arm got a little itchy after I removed them. Initially, the consistency was creamy and I liked the texture but it dries so easily. The itchiness was the deciding factor and the lemming was gone. And I knew the jars were going to be small but I wasn't expecting them to be THAT small. I thought PHP525 was pretty cheap since you can use these alone or mixed with your moisturizer. I'm glad I did not purchase it and that my arm itched after a few minutes; otherwise, it could've been my face that's itching by now. :)

Happy Saturday, super awesome peeps! :)


  1. tempting! but i think i'll pass this up too, pammy :D thanks for the review. - trace

  2. im a witness to the clumping of Lush supplement. it wasn't pretty. im just wondering if it would clump the same if you add moisturizer in it... hmmmm...

    i enjoyed our "date" pammywammy! encore!

  3. Wow, I am glad you decided not to buy after testing! So I have seen the LUSH products around a lot lately, are there any other LUSH products that you suggest that you do like??


  4. Trace, I read somewhere that they might come up with other shades? Not sure if it's true but if it is, I hope the formula gets better too. :P

    Arg, I wonder too. Yeah, really unpretty. Let's go again to Trinoma, I swear I'll wear flip flops this time. :P

    Angela, I love their Honey I Washed the Kids soap. I even wanted to take a bite off it. :P

  5. when i saw this at female network i want to buy one.. thanks for your review.. i will not be eyeing on this anymore.

  6. thanks for this pammy, you just killed my lemming! lol.

  7. Tin, glad to have killed your lemming. Haha! :P

  8. thanks for the swatch! I think I might order online!


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