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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Cheap Find: Bag Organizer

When I did my What's In My Bag post, you'll see that I bring a large pouch and another small one. It can be quite bulky so I sometimes skip the large pouch and just put everything inside my bag. And when I need something, I have to dig inside and it takes a little while before finding it. To better describe my bag - it was disorganized and messy. So while walking around Landmark last Friday, Arg spotted bag organizers and I couldn't resist it. At first I was a bit hesitant but then I just couldn't resist the price tag - PHP79.75. I was choosing between pink-purple and gray-khaki then decided to go for the latter. Much to my surprise, it was on sale with a 10% discount and the price dropped to PHP71.77. I have been checking out bag organizers on eBay and they sell for more than PHP150 each so this is really a good bargain. I chose the one without the base but it still does the job of organizing my things. Here are pictures. :)

Originally, I made a silly mistake of thinking this is how it's supposed to look like. But later on realized that it's not.

And I got it right.

How it looks like inside my bag. Better, right? :)

Even though I don't know my way around Trinoma and it awfully reminds me of Glorietta (which I really hate going to since I think it's like an octopus and has many alleys which isn't good for people with no sense of direction like, ehem, me) I think I should start going there more often because of the great bargains at Landmark. :P

Found anything cheap but fab lately? :) Happy Halloween!


  1. bravo, Pam! all spic n span! no more complaints from the boyfies that our bags are so trashy and messed up with our stuff! :)

    will wait for new stocks on the khakis or navy blues.

  2. xoxo! this is awesome idea! thank u for sharing!

  3. Arg, yes! Finally! :P I hope they stock up real soon. :)

    Anastacia, you're welcome. :)

  4. I am so messy I should have one of these! It's a great idea:-)

  5. Mina, try using this. I am no longer having a hard time looking for something in my bag. :P

  6. Whooo Hooo I love thsi!! I love anything that helps me stay organized!!
    I didnt make it to Lush this weekend! :(
    But I did get some body butter at The Body Shop!


  7. Angela, oh that's sad you didn't make it to Lush. But yay for the body butter! :P

    Carolina, yeah. Yay for organization! :P

  8. I've had my eye on one of these, this one looks great!

  9. hello. meron pa po available? i need one kc. wah. as in in i really2x need one. hirap makahanap dito eh :(


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