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Friday, October 1, 2010

What's In My Bag?!

I have always loved reading posts about what's inside people's bags. I guess the curious cat in me wants to know what other girls bring and if the stuff in my bag are too much or not. Or it could be my sneaky side? Haha! Anyway, I finally decided to do a post like this so here are the stuff in my bag! I'm telling you now, this post is picture-heavy!!! There you have it. The stuff inside my bag and a coupld of random stuff. Happy weekend! :P

Kenneth Cole Reaction teal bag

Cancer sticks and lighter (I'm trying to quit the vice), pen and notebook, wallet, book, pouch

Big Lancome pouch which can be used as a wristlet
Stuff inside the pouch and a Clinique pouch

Inside the Clinique pouch - Marionnaud Slanted Blusher Brush, EcoTools baby kabuki, Nivea Pomegranate tinted lip balm, Clinique Happy in an empty VS perfume container, MAC lipstick in Twig, ELF Studio Line Eyebrow Kit, Shu Uemura Glow on Blush M Pink 30, Shiseido Supplist Poreless Powder Foundation, Chanel JC Blush Tea Rose, Marionnaud eyeliner and spoolie brush
Hand sanitizer, Holy Seat toilet seat sanitizer, a pack of Kleenex, Charmee feminine wipes, Lander's Cocoa butter housed in an old Lush helping hands bottle, and Seretide for my asthma (yet I smoke!)

Kenneth Cole Reaction wallet (Do you think I love Kenneth Cole?)

A cute pink pen and a really cute handy dandy notebook with made of pink leatherette and a teddy bear design for doodling stuff  (I got it from SM department store for only 70 bucks!)

Cute pages of the notebook

My handy dandy battery operated fan which I got from Saizen. Perfect for hot humid days.
Rosary from my mom
Game Boy Advanced SP - I like it old school

What I've been busy with lately - books! My friend told me he didn't know I was such a nerd! :P

Look who's here?!! I found her in my room 2 weeks ago and she was homeless and pregnant. Since I'm not allowed to have cats or dogs due to asthma, she was adopted by the neighbor. She came back that night but they didn't let her in the gate :( and this morning, I saw her in my room! But she had to leave and go back to her new home after staying and playing with me for 3 hours.

A shot I took from the window a couple of days ago. Life is beautiful.
 There you have it! The stuff in my bag that usually doesn't change except for make up and a couple of random stuff. Happy weekend, everyone! :)


  1. Ooh you bring eyebrow kit with you! You're a true makeup lover. :)

    And aww, the cat is really cute. I hope her new humans are loving and caring towards her. :)

  2. i try to not bring a lot of stuff in my kikay kit but it's so hard not to!

    you know kittens/cat are really smart animals & very caring too. they know who are the nice people & they really cuddle & stay with them

    happy weekend,sweetie!

  3. i love the cute pink notebook Pammy! =) wow your bag is so organized...

  4. Fifi, yeah,m I always bring eyebrow stuff with me wherever I go just in case there is a need for emergency touch ups. :P I hope her new owners are treating her well too. :(

    Thia, I try, I try! But I always fail. I feel like my kikay kit's naked if there is something missing. :P The cat came back this morning but I was asleep. Out helper is freaking scared of cats that I was told she threw the cat out my window. I am pissed with her. >:(

    Khymm, the pink notebook is really cute!!! :P Organized at first then the next minute, it'll be a complete mess. :P


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