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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Product Review: Adorned with Grace Minerals Ingenue Dual Fiber Brush

I have been on the lookout for a dupe of MAC 188 since I don't want to use mine as I'm afraid the MAC logo/label will rub off if I keep using it and the white bristles might get stained just like with my MAC 187. I was browsing eBay for stippling brushes when I came across a listing for this. Before placing a bid, I looked for reviews online and most of the reviews I found are positive so I gave this brush a go. When I finally received it, I was really surprised to see how really tiny this brush is. Really a mini. At first glance, it is like the little sister of MAC 188. I have been using this brush in blending the concealer on my under eyes for a couple of weeks now so it's time for a review.

See how small this brush is? It's just an inch or two longer than a tube of MAC lipstick.

What I like:
- The size of this brush is handy and can easily fit in a purse.
- Since it is short, it allows you to get as much control as possible when it comes to application of makeup.
- It looks sleek and resembles MAC brushes. (See picture below with MAC 187 and 188)
- I use this to blend the concealer on my under eyes and it blends like a dream. Less caking and the concealer does not settle on fine lines since it blended well with the skin.
- Cheap. I got it for only PHP285 + 50 shipping on eBay (a little over $7 inclusive of shipping and at least I don't have to wait for a week to get my hands on this if I ordered it from AwG directly).

What I don't like:
- This brush sheds like crazy! Every single time that I use it, I get tiny strands of hairs on my face. I've had this for a couple of weeks now but it still sheds. I have to remove hairs from my face and it's not funny having to do that all the time.
- I've washed this thrice and it still bleeds!
- I tried using it with a pigmented blush - NARS Taos - and it looked really blotchy so I guess this will stick to concealers.

Overall rating: 4/5  I still gave it a 4 because it delivers and performs the job I intended for it to do very well and that is blending the concealer on my under eyes. However, I still hope that it will stop shedding! I think that this may be a good substitute for MAC 188.

Will I buy again? Maybe. Though I think this will last for a few years since its task is really easy. And I hope it doesn't lose all its hairs by then.

MAC 187, MAC 188, AwG
 Happy Thursday! :P


  1. hi i agree this brush sheds like theres no tomorrow :) but like you i love this brush i use it mainly to apply my highlighters :) mine stopped bleeding after 6 washes i believe

  2. I didnt know pwede pala sha for concealers hehe... =) What brand of concealer are you using btw?

  3. ang cute ng size, but too bad about the shedding! I hate it when brush does that! :) But soo cute!

  4. Precious, I hope this brush won't go bald. :P Glad to hear it stopped bleeding after 6 washes, I wish mine will stop bleeding too.

    Khymm, it works better than foundation or concealer brushes, imo. I use Maybelline Mineral Concealer, MAC Studio Finish, and Kryolan Derma Color. It works for all those 3 concealers. :P

    Nikki, it's really cute! I initially wanted to get a back up of this but I really cannot get over the shedding. :P

  5. Hi! I'm a new follower of your blog. Your lay out is cute. I actually have this brush and it really sheds a lot. Can you believe Ive had it for over a year and shedding still? But if you think that its kinda similar to MAC188 then maybe I should keep using it. Ty for the review.

  6. ack! i thought brushes only shed when being washed. haha. thats annoying, having to pick up loose strands of hair on your face after putting on makeup. use your MAC brush na! >:)

    hahaha i knooow, me too, i was surprised when i realized that the before photos look better than the after. oh well. :D

  7. i put clear nail polish on the labels of my brushes, so it will stay =)

    i hate brushes that shed like crazy. i only have charm stippling brush. i'm still contemplating if i'll use my hard-earned money to get a mac 187.haha!

  8. Aiza, thanks for following my blog. :) Oh no! It's still shedding for a whole year now? This brush might go baldy then!

  9. G, I used my 187 na, it got stained and I'm scared the label will come off eh. Haha! I don't want to add any more stains to the white bristles.

    I guess your bashes are better off without the lash thingie from eh. :P

  10. Rosey, I thought of coating the labels with a clear nail polish too but I read that some girls experienced the label coming off with the polish once it chips off and I don't want to risk it. :(

    The 187 will be worth it if you will use it. Unlike me. Haha!

    *I separated the three comments because the last 2 aren't in just one paragraph. And why am I explaining? Haha!


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