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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Here, Twiggy Twiggy! (MAC Satin Lipstick in Twig)

I like the natural look so I go for neutrals or nudes when it comes to lip color. In as much as I would want to go out wearing bold and bright colors, I cannot really muster up the courage to do so as I don't want to get the same kind of look I usually give when I see people wearing something outrageous, more so, with make up. Anyway, enough blabbing. So here's the latest lipstick addition to my mini mini lippy collection - MAC Satin Lipstick in Twig. Pictures!!!

It's a pretty warm neutral pink-brown shade that looks very natural - another MLBB. It's kinda similar to MAC Amplified Creme Lipstick in Cosmo, only this one has more brown and Cosmo is pinker. I'm not sure if I'd like the Satin formula in as much as I liked the Amplified Creme one as it is drying, based on most reviews I read on MakeUpAlley but I always apply lip balm before any other lip product anyway so I haven't experienced any dryness so far. No chapping or flaking as of yet. This color is great for everyday makeup and looks prettier when topped with a gloss. It complements my warm skintone and doesn't scream I-am-wearing-lipstick and looks really natural. It's like my lips only with a little more tint. My mom agreed that it works very well for my skintone and said it's a pretty lipstick too. Overall, I am liking it so far.


Lip swatch

Uneven application on the upper lip, I know. :P It looks dark on the hand swatch but turns to a pretty warm pink-brown color once on the lips.

I am a happy girl. But gah! When will this lippy phase ever end?

Happy Saturday! :P


  1. love it, reminded me of the CLinique Blushing Nude :)

  2. Nikki, I agree. It's so like Blushing Nude. :P

  3. love the color of twig!
    but i personally don't like the satin formula. really drying for me :{

    oh pammy, the lipstick phase is one hard battle LOL :) have a great weekend!!

  4. Cha, I apply 2-3 layers of lip balm before this one. :P

    Oh no, first the blushes, then mascaras, then eyeliners, and now lippies. Gah, the joys of being a girl and the pain our wallets have to endure. :D

  5. this is a pretty shade for everyday and fall :D

  6. Crystal, it's nice, isn't it? :P

    Nic Nic, yes, this shade is perfect for everyday makeup. :P

  7. Pop Champagne, you're the second one to say this is a nice shade for fall. Now I wish we have fall here. Maybe we do but we probably do not call it fall? :P

  8. oh pretty! wantwantwant! :D

    if only i'm not insolvent. lol :D

  9. hahaha i dont think it will ever end as long as you blog Pammy dear :P

    i agree with Julie (pop champagne)^^ its a nice color for fall if you like to update your look with the seasons :)

    thank you for your warm message of concern dear! im still recovering, but def. better than last thursday :) happy sunday!

  10. makeupjunkie, go get it. :P

    G, maybe you're right. But I wonder which phase is next once I'm over this lippy phase. :P Good to her you're getting better. :P

  11. Awe! I like, really like your taste of lipsticks! This one looks very nice too!!

  12. Anastacia, thanks. This one is really nice, I think you'll like it. :P

  13. this is my first MAC lipstick and I will never regret buying this. The perfect dupe for this is Fashion 21 Mystical Mauve.

    MAC Satiate is also a must try :)

  14. I remember buying Mystical Mauve but I really dunno where it is now or what happened to it. I thought it looked like NARS Dolce Vita at that time. Haha! :P

    Hey, thanks for trhe reco, dear. I'll check it out when I go back to MAC. :)


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