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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Product Review: ELF Studio Line Eyebrow Kit - Light

They say that eyebrows frame a person's face so it is important to have a nice set of brows. There are those who are lucky to have been blessed with nice, fuller brows and only need a little plucking or waxing every now and then. Unfortunately, I am not one of them because my eyebrows are kind of sparse and needs grooming and my right eyebrow has a gap due to a scar. Thank God my eyebrows aren't thick and full so the scar is less noticeable. But still, I can't just survive with my shaped eyebrows alone as they barely show on pictures taken from a studio. So I use products to fill in my brows. I have been using In2It Eyebrow Shadow, which was the old version that only have 2 shades, for years now but I am getting tired of having to touch up on my brows everytime I go out so I decided to look for something with wax. Then I chanced upon Styli-Style Eyebrow Pencil in Espresso, which I was having a hard time working with because I end up with darker brows that really look weird on me. I have been checking out the ELF Studio Line Eyebrow Kit since it came out in the market but only bought one a few days ago (finally!) and have been using it since then. So here is my take on this product. But of course, pictures first!

Wax on the left and brow powder on the right. The brow powder is somewhat like taupe which is ideal for eyebrows. Well, I guess for brunettes. I have been reading and hearing everywhere that if you are a brunette, your eyebrow color should at least be 1-2 or 2-3 shades lighter and if you are blonde, it should be like a shade or 2 or 2-3 shades darker or something like that but you get the drift. Lighter for brunettes and darker for blondes.

What I like:
- The compact looks really sleek and neat and not that cheap or flimsy. Still resembles NARS compacts but has the tiny window.
- Has applicators that work. I use the angled one for the wax and the other one for the brow powder just as instructed on the box.
- The wax doesn't feel gooey and messy nor sticky but it works well in keeping the brows together.
- The brow powder's shade is just right since my hair is naturally brown and it's so easy to apply.
- Lasts for hours on my eyebrows that I no longer need to touch up at all. And I have combi-oily skin to begin with so it is really a good product for me.
- A little goes a long way so I am certain that this will last me for a long, long, long, long, long time.
- Locally available at all ELF Counters and relatively cheap for PHP249.50 (which is still expensive if compared to the US price of $3 and on sale most of the time but I can't complain).

What I don't like:

Overal rating: 5/5 I may stick to this one.

Will I buy again? Definitely!

Tip: Use a spoolie to comb the eyebrows together so they won't be all over the place.

My bare eyebrows

With the eyebrow kit

I am on a drugstore makeup roll! You may see me using more and more of them each day. I used to be kinda snobbish back then and ignore drugstore brands but I have come to appreciate them more so the snobbish attitude is gone! :P


  1. watashi mo!
    i love this one

    i bought the etude house brow kit thinking that it would be better since it's more expensive but i was so sorely disappointed with it. i rather like this one & im so happy that this is actually available here in the philippines.

    yay for that!

  2. Thiamere, I also thought that more expensive ones are always better but I guess not. Haha! Yes, yay for this! :P

  3. Seppie, go get one! This works! :P

    Donna, where did you get Dark? I only see the Light shade here.

  4. i have this in medium and i use it often. it's good for its price :)

  5. i love ELF! so affordable yet it works! will try this one, thanks for posting this pammy :)

  6. I'm thinking of buying this and now im convinced! =)

  7. wow, Pammy, such wonderful review and it looks like a great kit without any cons! :)

  8. it's nice no? :)) naliitan lang ako sobra sa applicator nonetheless the product works really great. :)

  9. Dianneregina, I am liking ELF studio line too! I think it's the only brand that has more than 5 items on my stash. :P

    Khymm, go buy it. It is a really nice product. :P

    Nikki, I guess the size of the applicator may be a con to some but as for the product itself, it is really nice for a cheap one. :P

    Joice, I agree that it is really nice. The size of the applicator doesn't bother me at all though but nabibitawan ko minsan sa liit. :P

    Anastacia, the shades look very natural indeed. Overall a nice product. :P

  10. Wow ! That looks much better compared to the one i just bought. =\ Thanks for this post!!! :D I'm gonna go get one!

  11. Travelitzera, this is a really nice product. Yeah, go get one! :P

  12. My 1st eyebrow kit! I'm still inlove with this! It never fails to please me. I'm contented with elf pero i wanna try in2it, curious lang. which is better kaya? Elf eyebrow kit or the infamous In2it eyebrow kit.

  13. Lysa, I have the old In2It eyebrow shadow with just 2 colors and I really like it. Was using it for more or less 5 years now. I like ELF better for the wax though. :)


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