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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Product Review: Purederm Acne Wash Cleansing Tissues

I make it a point to always take my makeup off my face the moment I get home. I remember being told to not immediately wash my face without letting my eyes rest for at least half an hour. But I hate the feeling of knowing that my face caught a lot of dirt from outside so I resorted to using makeup removers but it is more convenient to use facial wipes that can also remove makeup. And here's the review for what I have been using lately.

What I like:
- My face feels moisturized but does not look oily and greasy after using this.
- It's refreshing and my skin looks clean.
- It effectively removes makeup but may need to concentrate more on waterproof eye makeup.
- Smells nice, nothing really annoying.
- It has salicylic acid, tea tree oil, and aloe vera.
- Did not break me out!
- Comes in a resealable package that is housed in a box.
- Cheap. 30 sheets for only PHP99.75
- Locally available at Watson's and SM Department Stores

What I don't like:
- It takes a while to remove waterproof mascara and gel liner.

Overall rating: 4.5/5

Will I buy again? Definitely! I am on my second box and I already have a back up. :)

See the dirt from my face? Not a good sight, I know. :P

Happy Tuesday! :P


  1. I bought a pack before, but I'm super afraid to use it around the eye area! You think it's totally safe, pammy? :) Thanks! - Trace

  2. Trace, I think it's safe since I have sensitive eyes too and they never got irritated. :P

  3. WOW, I am intrigued with this, Purederm is coming up with a lot of good stuffs no?

  4. wow.. definitely a good product! you're already on your 2nd box plus may back up pa haha :) thanks for sharing pammy <3

  5. Nikki, yes. I am liking the PureDerm brand. Maybe I should try their bb cream too one of these days after reading reviews. :P

    Cha, yes! That's how much I like this product! :P

  6. This looks interesting

  7. thanks for sharing this pammy :) i currently use etude house's green tea wipes, i might check this out after i run out of the green tea wipes, its cheaper! :)

  8. pareho tayu! i wash my fave right away once am home and remove my bra. hehehe.

    about the heels, it's okay to wear up to 2 inches, or wedges for better balance and posture. Flats are not good for the legs of the preggy ladies. According to my OBy. It will lead to cramps and and varicose veins. And my legs and hips hurt pag naka flats lang ako. So i need an extra lift to feel comfy.

    anyway every pregnancy is different. Comfort is the key.

    have a great day Pammy.

  9. Becky, thanks. :)

    SafexSolutions, I may not find this to be the best facial cleansing product because I still prefer to totally wash my face but for times when you are in such a hurry to take your makeup off or when you are too sleepy to wash your face, this will do the job. I'm not really sure if you can use this in the winter since we do not have winter here in the Philippines, sorry. :)

    G, I remember wanting to try Etude's wipes but when I broke out with their happy tea time cleanser, I never went back for any skin care stuff. And yes, this is inexpensive but effective, imo. :P

    Denise, I do "that" too. Haha! :P Glad to know that you're still comfy with heels. And you can definitely rock it! :P

    Khymm, that I have yet to try. If you love that variant, then maybe I should try it as well. Haha! :P

  10. This sounds like a nice product! Just wished makeup wipes were more popular in japan!

  11. Nic, oh. Maybe cleansing oils are more popular there? :P

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