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Friday, September 10, 2010

DIY Project: Homemade Brush Spot Cleaner

I am almost out of my Smashbox brush cleaner after having it for more than 2 years now. The 120 mL bottle lasted that long. After watching videos on YT, I decided to make my own spot cleaner but I did not follow recipes which had detergent because they make my hands itchy. Moreso if I use a brush cleaned with it on my face. I used only 3 things - water, shampoo (I used L'Oreal Total Repair Repairing Shampoo) and Dr. Bronner's Magic Soap in Lavender (which I use for deep cleaning my brushes). I mixed them all together and placed the mixture in an empty spray bottle. I must say it cleaned my brushes pretty well and I'll show you how it did.

The dirty brushes

Eyeshadow and gel liner dirt

Prestige 103 blending brush

MAC 194SE concealer brush

And the clean brushes! :P

I hope you can tell the difference. I am so glad this worked I will continue using this until I have decided which spot cleaner to buy. I'm thinking either MAC or another one from Smashbox or other cheaper alternatives. Plus this one smells good too. :P I hope this post helps. :)

Happy long weekend, gals! :P


  1. I like using home made brush cleaner too :) Very handy!

  2. Thanks Pammy. I'm finishing the Elianto bottle. I'll make my own version based on your post after. Savings, yay! =)

  3. Anastacia, and it's cheaper too! :P

    Peaches & Pinks, how's Elianto? I hope you get to like your homemade version too. :P

  4. wow amazing! i have the Ellana brush cleanser it works well naman when im done with it im definitely trying a DIY version. thanks :))

  5. Joice, go try a DIY version. It's cheaper too. :P


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