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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Product Review: Maybelline Clear Smooth Minerals BB Cream

This is the first time in two years that I used BB Cream. The first one I had was Skinfood Mushroom Multi Care BB Cream and it broke me out way back in 2008. It gave me the impression that bb creams are mediocre products that are quite costly so even though people were raving about them, I never once again dared buy another one. But last week, I saw the glaring PHP200 marked down price of Maybelline BB Cream so I decided to once again give it a try - I am after all trying out different drugstore brands, just like what I mentioned on my An All Drugstore Makeup Look post. I mean it's waaaay cheaper than what I had to pay for the Skinfood one which is around PHP1.2-1.5k since pre-orders were not yet available here at that time for that brand. So after trying it for about a week, I guess it's time for a review but as usual, pictures first.

What I like:
- Comes in a small cute greenish tube, which I really like. It's light and handy and can easily fit purses or makeup pouches.
- I actually like the squeeze out packaging as I can control the amount of product I get but it's kinda hard with this one because of the texture.
- I find this more like a tinted moisturizer as it provides minimal coverage. Perfect if you feel like going out kinda without makeup but not totally barefaced.
- It has SPF26 which, I think, is okay considering that my moisturizer doesn't have any.
- The scent isn't bad. Nothing that triggers my allergic rhinitis.
- Easy to spread and blend on the face.
- Skin easily absorbs it.
- No whitish cast on pictures.
- No shimmers or glitters.
- Locally available.

What I don't like:
- Texture is watery or runny.
- Each tube contains only 18mL and I kinda find it expensive for the srp of PHP249 and you get only a little amount of product.
- The box states that "One shade fits all". I beg to disagree. This will work better for those who have fair-medium skin but how about the other skintones? This will look a little off for our golden-skinned sisters.
- This is more like a tinted moisturizer rather than a bb cream so this may be a con or for bb cream users.
- Very minimal coverage so you can't expect it to conceal blemishes and undereye circles so there is absolutely no way this can work as a foundation either. Well, unless you have perfect skin to begin with and you barely put anything on your face.
- Gives a rather dewy finish than matte. I like a matte finish when it comes to moisturizers.

In between: I broke out on the testing phase. But I would like to believe that it is due to hormones or the weather. I get red spots on my face when the weather is too hot like it has been the past few days. I'll try it out again since I sort of like it.

Overall rating:
As a bb cream - 1/5
As a tinted moisturizer - 3/5

Will I buy again? Maybe, I kinda like it as a tinted moisturizer. I still like my Celeteque better. Maybe I'll just leave the tint to my powder foundations.


Spread at the back of my hand

Disappeared right on my skin.

On me, topped with Kryolan Anti Shine Powder. (Forgive the messy hair, please. I was right in front of the terminator fan when I took this shot.)

Have you tried this? Do you like it or not? :)
Happy Thursday, guys! :P


  1. oh your hair isn't messy at all, that's a beautiful shot ;)
    im on a lookout (again) for bb cream and considering maybelline bb isn't pricey i might give this a try. though laging OOS ngayon, haha!

  2. yikes, on the swatch it seems as if it has no coverage at all! i guess i'm happy already with the maybelline aqua gel foundation, won't reach out for this one. =P

    good review pammy!

  3. thanks for the review. i wanted to get this for the longest time.. now i'm not so sure tho. i need coverage more than anything! lol

  4. Wonderful review, a lot have been requesting me to review this but I still haven't gotten the chance to, will ask them to check out your reviews :) Gorgeous photo

  5. Dianneregina, thank you. OOS? Ang dami ko nakikita at SM cubao and Watson's gateway. :p

    Peaches & Pinks, yeah, very minimal coverage that's why I consider it more as a tinted moisturizer. Thank you. :P

    Makeupjunkie, hmmm. If you want more coverage,m maybe you can layer it with a powder foundation? It looks nice with powder foundie on top. :P

    Nikki, thank you. I'd like to read your thoughts on this product too. :P

  6. I love this BB cream. I made a review of this on my blog site. :)

    I'm a new follower. Hope you can visit my blog and follow me back. Thanks!

  7. i love the blowing hair face shot :D i see this on the stand a lot... looks great on you!

  8. Maria, sure I'll check out your blog. Thanks for following mine. :P

    Nic Nic, thank you. :P

  9. great review, sis pammy. you look gorgeous on the pic.

  10. The tube looks sooo cute!! I'm almost tempted to buy this stuff just because of the packaging, lol. But I like the sound of tinted moisturizer as well.


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