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Saturday, September 4, 2010

FOTD: An All Drugstore Make Up Look

I've been venturing into drugstore make up lately. I was really impressed with how some people make beautiful looks using mostly drugstore make up. So I guess it must be how you make it work for you and not all about the price of the makeup, whether it's a drugstore or department store brand. So I decided to experiment and do an all drugstore make up look today.

I used the following:
- Maybelline Clear Smooth Minerals BB Cream
- Maybelline Mineral Power Natural Perfecting Concealer in Ivory
- Prestige Perfectly Matte Translucent Powder (not on the picture)
- ELF Studio Line Single Eyeshadow in Pebble as brow powder
- ELF Brightening Eye Color in Ivy (eyeshadow quad - layered, no outer v thingie)
- LA Colors Automatic Eyeliner Black (not on the picture too)
- Maybelline The Colossal Volume Express Mascara in Glam Brown
- GOSH Blush in Electric Pink
- L'Oreal HIP Jelly Lip Balm in Ripe

Here's the look:

I hope I did well. Seriously, I am now thinking that make up doesn't have to be expensive in order for it to work for you. Of course, I am guilty of believing that more expensive products are better but there are precious gems in inexpensive ones too. I am actually liking these drugstore make up and I might even try out more. They are still, after all, make up. :P

Happy Saturday, super awesome peeps! :)


  1. lovely look pammy! I agree there are a lot of inexpensive makeup that works.. mas madami pa drugstore makeup ko eh lol.

  2. Thanks, Khymm! Dumadami na din drugstore make up ko. I'm slowly learning to not be snobbish towards ds brands. It's just that those are overpriced here. Thank God there's eBay. :P

  3. You did well with the look Ms. Pammy! As for me, i started with drugstore brands, I'm such a late bloomer when it comes to high-end cosmetic brands… lol! =D So the high-end hype is on me right now, but then I always appreciate drugstore makeup.. =)

  4. love the look! :D

    i've been hearing lotsa good stuff about the maybeline bb cream. i might give it a try. :D

  5. Nice looks sis! You're very good on natural make up application. =)

    I also love drugstore make up even if I have high end ones still keep coming back on DS cosmetics. I'm now loving Bourjois which they said is the sister company of chanel. =)

  6. hi pammy, nice look! how's maybelline bb cream? ang dami kasi nagreresell sa GT, i have this impression na hindi okay (for most, hehe). though, i guess i have to try out na rin :)

  7. Aika, thanks! I love the natural look. :P

    Lady Mitch, thanks. Haha! I think it's the other way around for me naman. :P

    makeupjunkie, thanks. If you are a bb cream user, I think you may find it watery? But go ahead and try it, especially now that it's on sale for only PHP200.

    Donna, exactly! Everyday makeup. :P

    Mia, thanks, dear! :P

    Czen, thanks, sis. I think hanggang natural make up lang powers ko. :P Yeah, I read your post about Bourjois being Chanel's sister company! Their lippies are really nice. I read it's been around since the 1800's.

    Dianne, thanks. So far so good. As far as coverage is concerned, I think it provides very light lang and I find it more as a tinted moisturizer than a bb cream. But I'll review it later this week. :)

  8. I have been trying a lot of drugstore products too and some of them are great!!! It's definitely a hit or miss but there are a lot of great products out there for cheap. You did a great job on your look, very simple and cute!

  9. Amy, I agree that some of them are great. Thank you. :P

  10. Awww....Pammy, you look so pretty and fresh. I love drugstore makeup. Once its on your face, you can't really tell the difference..well at least other people can't lol.

  11. Becky, thank you. :P I think I can now agree with you on that. It looked as good as my mid-high end makeup and I must say I am really liking it a lot. :P

  12. very simple and fresh, great for daily use, glad that you used mostly drugstore makeup brands :D

  13. Nikki, thanks! I'm exploring drugstore make up now. :P

  14. Such a pretty look, especially the lip gloss,


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