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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Yum Moments: Homemade Onion Rings

After seeing Madz's post about her onion rings, I decided to try doing it myself. I love onion rings. I'd choose them over fries anytime of the day. I love how crispy and sweet and juicy the onions are. I even love hearing the sound when I slice them, except when they bring me to tears. So here's my version of onion rings. I did not follow everything on the recipe and used other stuff.

Golden brown rings. Yum! :P

What I used:
- 1 big white onion
- 1 egg
- 1 spoonful of cheese whiz dissolved in water and added a little sugar (used to replace milk since we're out of it)
- all purpose flour mixed with garlic powder and a little pepper
- bacon bits (added to the flour mixture)
- bread crumbs
- vegetable oil for deep frying

Close up

Yummy! I made more than 20 rings with just one big onion and it was all gone in just a few minutes. It's not just me who ate everything. Haha! :P

Happy Sunday :P


  1. looks like the one being sold in restos!! definitely goin to try it! i love to cook too :)

  2. Looks really yummy.. and cheese with sugar as milk substitute? creative!

  3. Nice! Mukhang super yummy rin ng onion rings that you made Pammy. No wonder naubos rin ng brother mo. I'm gonna try cooking your version of it, bacon? garlic powder? I can't wait to taste it. :)

    In a YouTube video naman may naglalagay ng instant mashed potato, yung uncooked pa. :)

  4. Pammy, these look so YUMMY! I'm craving now! :)

  5. saltvinegar, yeah, cheese and sugar. Cheese has milk so I figured I can do that. :P

    Madz, try it. :P Uhm, I don't have any brothers or sisters. Haha! :) Uncooked instant mashed potato? Hmm. Maybe we should try?

    Maria, go have some onion rings. If you have time, cook some at home. It's fun to make and fun to munch on. :P

  6. me too! same with you, I'd choose onion rings over fries anytime of the day! gosh I am super craving for one now!

  7. Hey Pammy, wow I love it when people can cook :D your onion rings look delish.. unfortunately I tend to get sick when I eat deep fried foods *tear*

  8. Nikki, go munch on onion rings. They are love! :P

    Karen, that's too sad. There are a lot of deep fried food that are good, but if that makes you sick, then there must be better options? Haha! :P Lotsa good food out there. :)

  9. Sorry Pammy! major boo boo!

    I searched my blog and realized it was Thiamere who commented that her brother finished the onion rings she made!

    Hope you forgive me for my honest mistake! :)

  10. Haha Madz, no worries. Though I really wish I have an older brother. :P

  11. hahaha!
    ikaw din?!
    when i saw madz post i immediately whipped up my own onion rings din!

    i plan to share my recipe nga on my next post e.hehe

    i vetoed what you said... i'd choose onion rings anytime rather than fries.

  12. Oo. Haha! Now we know who we are who love onion rings. I'd love to see your version too. :P

  13. *droooooling* that looks good! you can cook! ^5! hahaha! :) your onion ring recipes sounds really good! bacon bits and cheese? killer! hahaha

    yes thats Anne Robles! small world! i'll tell her about you, im sure she'll be thrilled! :)

    thank you for the sweet compliments Pammy loves! :)

  14. G, sure thing. :P She might not know me as Pammy as I had this nickname 4 years ago and back in high school, they used to call me by one of my first names which I really don't like. Haha! :P

  15. I think I'm having a love-hate r's with ur blog! All these food looks delicious!!! I hope they invent a virtual taste counter so i can just grab and pop into my mouth!

  16. dblchin, haha! Sorry bout that. I wish there'd be such a thing so I can also taste those food porn pics here in blogger. :P

  17. Wow they look really delicious! Im getting hungry even tho ive eaten lol

  18. Joice and Nic, try making onion rings! I made some more yesterday and I only had 3. I think I got full just by cooking them. :P


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