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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Product Review: Pond's Pure White Deep Cleansing Facial Foam with Activated Carbon

Going to bed with a clean face is essential since we all want clear skin. Washing our faces with a cleanser that effectively removes dirt, oil, and make up is of utmost importance and should be part of our daily ritual. There are facial cleansers that come in different forms but with the same promise and that is to simply clean our  faces and get rid of those impurities. When I saw advertisements and bloggers starting to review this product, I really got curious and thought I should buy it since almost all the reviews are positive. I have been allergic to Pond's products since I don't know when - it would work for a day or two but it will eventually leave me with pimples so that was the only thing that held me back at that time. But still, curiosity got the better of me and in order for the product to stop bugging me, I bought this in sachets. And of course, time for the review.

What I like:
- Effectively cleanses the face. When I normally apply toner on my face, I would still see dirt on the cotton pad even though I just washed my face. With this one, there isn't much dirt on the cotton pad. 
- It removes even my waterproof eye liner and mascara.
- My face feels smoother and softer and squeaky clean too after washing.
- The scent isn't too strong or overpowering.
- My face is really squeaky clean but it doesn't feel tight that it might break into pieces any time.
- I find it a bit moisturizing.
- I only use a really small dollop of this cleanser for my entire face and neck. One sachet lasted for more than a week.
- This is relatively cheap and locally available at all department stores and drugstores.
- I like the packaging. It looks pretty sleek in a black tube with pink letters. :P

What I don't like:
- I got a couple of pimples after continuously using it for a couple of days. Told you, I am not "hiyang" with their products. There's something about Pond's products that just doesn't work for me.

Overall rating: 4/5 If only I didn't get pimples from this.

Will I buy again? Maybe. I still have a couple of sachets left and I am finding ways to make this work for me since I really like it. 

I started using this again but this time, every other day. I only use this at night then to somehow combat the allergic reaction and to prevent getting zits, I immediately follow it up with my toner - Apple Cider Vinegar - and I still haven't had any pimples yet. I hope that using it with intervals won't break me out too. 

Happy Saturday! :P

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  1. the reason why I don't like ponds too is that I get bumps after using it..from creams to facial wash, name it :(

  2. Mera, me too! I hope they come up with at least one product that won't give us pimples. :(

  3. hmm..there's probably some ingredients in it that you are not Hiyang to it! :) I have brands din that doesn't work for me! :)

  4. this sounds like a really nice face wash! sry it gave you pimples :(

  5. Nikki, so sad when a product is really nice but you're not hiyang with something in it. :(

    Amy, it really is a nice facial wash but yeah, getting pimples from it sucks. :(

  6. i am allergic to pond's too!!!! i tried this wash and i had cystic acne :-(

  7. May, sorry to hear that. I hope they come up with at least on product we won't be allergic to. :)


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