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Sunday, May 6, 2012

DUPED: MAC Mineralize Skin Finish Natural - Fake Alert!

Remember the MAC Mineralize Skin Finish Natural - Light on my previous posts that even became part of my Current Favorites last February? Yes, that one. It is FAKE. I liked it initially but that didn't last long so I sold it. And unfortunately and fortunately, the person who purchased it is much more aware of the fake MAC circulating in the market and is much more vigilant when it comes to such products. Unfortunate that she got the MAC MSF from me and fortunately, she informed me and now I know I also got a fake one.

Sadly though, I have stopped using MAC products a couple of years ago and I have never used a MAC MSF before - just the blushes, blot powder, studio fix, lipsticks, lip glasses and brushes,all of which I have all purchased from the store - so I am not familiar with the qualities of the MSF Natural and simply relied heavily on the sellers' positive feedback. Yes, I know that it's no longer safe to buy such products online but little did I know that these darn (pardon my language) counterfeiters are getting damn good at it! I used to think that I can tell fake makeup just by looking at the pictures but I guess that is no longer the case.

If you need to know more about FAKE MAC MSFs being sold online at almost the same cost as the authentic ones in stores (just a couple of hundreds cheaper though), please go to this post by Jaime of Mizzmakeup.

Embarrassing as it may seem, I was duped. Lesson learned, though. :)

Have a blessed Sunday and an awesome week ahead, everyone. :)



  1. I hate people selling fake MAC and not admitting its fake! I mean may mga tao naman bumibili intentionally ng fake so I hope it's enough na dapat for them. Karma will soon knock on their doors!

  2. Had the same experience but on lipstick naman. Blogged about it already. The fake ones are getting good at copying the real thing so it's hard to notice if it's authentic or not. :(

  3. OMG, it's so hard to buy MAC products lalo na kung hindi sa MAC store bibilhin. Thanks for the heads up Pam. Ako naman I'm loyal to my MAC MSF, tho I use it sa mga special occasions lang. Yup, the one you got is super white, I love MSF's because its light and may subtle shimmer. ;)

  4. Yikes. Sorry you got fooled into buying a fake.

  5. Oh no, sorry to heard that. I haven't try any product from mac. First, I regret the price so high beside can't afford there some product so good in drugstore So, lot of choose. anyway, fake is going on everywhere... one thing I learn from online purchase... Can't try it or tasting

  6. yikes, i'm sorry to hear about this, yeah, just ask your relatives to get you stuff abroad or buy stuff at the duty free when you travel if saving more than 300bucks means a great deal.
    (what i mean by 300 bucks is that's about the amount of money i'm willing to give to the importer for their overhead, customs cost and payment to the mall spot their renting. i.e. lunasol's foundation is 5000y so i'm willing to pay 2750p since it's about 300 bucks patong lang)

  7. This is unrelated, I finally know what my foundation is with MAC (NC37)

    Anyway, I hope yung nakabili ng MAC Mineralize mo, didn't think that you intentionally duped her.

  8. Wow! I'm sorry you ran into a fake MAC! there's been a lot of those circulating everywhere... it's annoying. But it looks so authentic though.

  9. wow, fakes are getting so good. I buy my MAC directly from MAC, so that this doesn't happen :/

  10. hi sis pammy.. i was also duped months ago and this time it's a fake mac well-dressed blush. and ang nakakahiya pa talaga, is that i enrolled in a makeup class and syempre i brought my own makeups with me. when we had our demo na, my MUA teacher was the one who discovered na fake pala ang blush ko.. so embarassing! inis talaga ako, but wala ako magawa. di ko na rin mababalik, i bougt it online din kasi..hahay, lessons learned talaga. let's educate na lang ourselves about distinguishing fake from real. i hope counterfeiters will stop this trade.

  11. awww...sad naman
    well,i guess it goes to show how hard it is to buy things online talaga... lalo pag mac

    these counterfeiters really know how to do their job,ne?

  12. awww... :( so sad pammycakes.
    it's also very scurrrrrrehhh!! >.< i rarely buy anything from mac and i guess i won't be buying anything from them soon.

  13. Aww even though I don't readlly use high end makeup such as MAC, I like to follow the experiences of other bloggers regarding fake products. It's very unofrtunate and I don't understand the point of making and selling fake products that might be harmful. I'm sorry to hear that ):

  14. Oh least the girl you sold it to knew and informed you of it. This is the reason why I don't buy MAC online, unless it's directly from their website. They're one of the most counterfeited brands of makeup.

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  16. I just found out I bought a fake mac MSF. It's annoying as I bought it from someone from england for like $35NZ, I thought because of the price, feedback and place it should b real but NO. I bought It off ebayer " beautifulyoulondon " (who had 100% good feedback but she is selling really good fakes So thats why) but never the less FAKES! Would not buy for that person ever!!!


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