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Friday, February 12, 2010

More Styli-Style Stuff + NYX

Hi ladies. It's been almost a week now. I've been sick again, yes. But I'd like to share what cheered me up during those days that I was in house arrest.

First, my Styli-Style mini loot.

1. L3 Timeless Lipstick in Beauty
2. L3 Timeless Lipstick in Jewel (freebie)
3. Hipstick in Freedom (the perfect nude lipgloss for me)
4. Hipstick in Flower Power
5. Brow Liner in Espresso (freebie)
6. Brow Liner in Brown
7. Jerome Alexander lip brush (freebie)

There was a mix up and the seller shipped my stuff to another buyer by mistake so it took me 3 days to receive them and the lipstick was not included on the package I received yesterday so it was shipped yesterday and I received it just now. I'm glad M, the seller, was really responsible.

L-R: Brow Liner Espresso, Brow Liner Brown, L3 Timeless Lipstick in Beauty, L3 Timeless Lipstick in Jewels, Hipstick in Flower Power, Hipstick in Freedom

Among the lippies, my fave is Freedom. It is the perfect nude lipgloss for me. :)
Jewels may look intimidating at first but you only need to dab it on your lips and spread it evenly using your fingers. Your lips will look just bitten. :P

And here's the NYX blush from Sollie. Shade: Red Cheeks


I love that this blush is not as creamy as Glow. It can also be used on the lips. :P So pretty! :)

Anyway, happy weekend, everyone! :P

Oh, we have a new home. So for all the girltalkers out there, it's time to come HOME!


  1. cant wait for the reviews & swatches sa styli-style lippies.. the NYX blush looks pretty! for sure ang ganda nga sa lips nun..

  2. Hipstick in Freedom looks so good, I'm heading to ebay right now to check for it. Can you tell me the seller Pam? ^_^

  3. Khymm, it really is pretty on the lips especially when topped with a gloss. :P

    Emily, the seller is jlink. :)

  4. yay on more styli-style products! And the Cream Blush from Nyx looks gorgeous

  5. Nikki, the NYX Cream blushes are super duber uber nice. :P

  6. Sis, I'm really tempted to buy hipsticks sa ebay. The lipgloss girl in me can't keep still. Kaya lang baka pagalitan ako ni Hubby. LOL

    Lots of love,

  7. Golden, sabihin mo, 75 pesos lang yan. Di pa kayo magugutom sa mga lipgloss na yan. And sabihin mo, ang price nun sa beauty bar, 595 tapos 75 mo lang nabili. :P

  8. woot! freedom looks really nice~~
    how's the brow liner sis? :)

  9. Hi ate!am not really a blush person but i love all the lip stick and lipgloss.Thanks for stopping by on my blog and leaving a sure to check again,ingat poh ^_^

  10. Meron ka pala nito brow liner in espresso. Naghahanap ako ng reviews, wala akong makita. haha!
    Okay ba to for black hair? which looks better, brown or espresso? thanks sis!


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