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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Product Review: *~* Styli-Style *~*

Okay, this is the latest eyeliner craze going on at Girltalk. Lots and lots of girls are raving about Styli-Style flat liners. Let's see if I am one of those girls that are raving about this product. Lemme start by showing you the only Styli-Style products I have. They're not much, okay?

- Flat Liner Sharpener
- Hipstick in Groovy
- Hipstick in Love
- Hipstick in Psychedelic
- Line & Blend Green
- Line & Blend Blackest Black
- Flat Liner in Dublin
- Flat Liner in Cairo
- Flat Liner in New York
- Flat Liner 24 in Black (twist up)

*I gave away my Flat Liner 24 in Soft Black as it was too dry and tugs at my lids so bad, it hurts.*

Let's start with the Hipsticks. I made some lip swatches.

Groovy, Psychedelic, Love




See how pretty they all are?

What I like:
- Lovely colours.
- Pigmented as you only need a little amount of product.
- I like the twist up idea as you have control over the amount of product you get. It's just like Revlon's lip glide, only cheaper and better.
- Staying power is pretty decent, lasts for about 2-3 hours.
- Cheap! Each tube costs PHP75 only.
- The scent is not overwhelming. I have a pretty sensitive nose and this doesn't trigger any sneezing at all.
- Not too sticky as MAC lipglasses. Yey!
- I find this a bit more hygienic because you don't have to dip the applicator on the gloss itself then use it then dip it again. Sorry but it's just like some of those people I see who eat fishballs who take a bite off what they are eating and then dunking it back on the sauce, eat, dunk, eat, dunk. Jeez!

What I do not like:
- Too shimmery. I probably got the "frost" variants, that's why. They would've been MLBB if only there weren't shimmers.
- They're a bit drying.
- When I first opened each tube, the sponge applicator is oily! Yuck! But after I wiped 'em with wet tissue, they're fine. :P

Overall rating: 3/5
Will I buy again? No. I already have 3 shades and I just bought Flower Power which I read is a nice nude shade without the shimmer. Well, technically, I did. But I just want a nude color without the shimmer. I won't buy again because I like tinted lip balms better. But for lipgloss lovers out there, you may want to try these good stuff. ;)

And now, time to review the liners. ;)

Here are the only liners I have.

And the cute little orange flat liner sharpener made for the fat, flat ones.

L-R: Flat Liner 24 Black, New York, Cairo, Dublin, Line & Blend Blackest Black, Line & Blend Green

After rubbing it once with my fingers.



Four times.

Rubbed 5 times, with a cloth this time.

Rubbed with wet wipes.

The others are nothing compared to the Flat Liner 24 Black. See how the others smudged easily after just rubbing it once or twice? They were almost gone by the 4th time, and almost completely gone by the 5th and 6th.

Overall, these liners are so easy to work with. I love the creamy texture and how they easily glide on the lids. Minor tugging with Flat Liner 24 though. Other than that, they apply smoothly. Honestly, there's nothing really special about them except for the style. I love the texture and how they glide easily but the staying power is blah! of course, except for the twist up one. That one is really good.

For the Flat Liner 24 Thick & Thin (Black)
Overall rating: 4.75/5 (It is not as creamy as the other liners but the staying power is superb!)
Will I buy again? Yes.

For the Regular Flat Liners (New York, Cairo, Dublin)
Overall rating: 2/5 (I don't like the fact that you need a special sharpener for these.)
Will I buy again? Maybe. I need something to use for the cute, little sharpener. ;D

For the Line & Blend Liners (Blackest Black & Green)
Overall rating: 2/5 For something that claims to be waterproof, this one is a complete failure.
Will I buy again? No. There are better liners out there.

Here's a tip: Since I want to be able to use the other flat liners, I found a way to make them stay longer. I first line my eyes with the Flat Liner 24. I then put the other liners on top of the Flat Liner 24. And then it stays longer.

Another tip I read at GT: If you find the Flat Liner 24 a bit dry, warm it up using your hair dryer/blower. I tried it and it works. Made it glide easily than it used to. :P

Where to buy and the price: Prices for these liners range from PHP50-75 and PHP130 for liquid ones on These are also locally available at Beauty Bar for more than PHP500 each. See the huge price difference? (EDIT: I just checked out Styli-Style at Beauty Bar in Eastwood Mall this morning, 5/2, and they sell these for PHP595 on some liners.)

Sorry I had to put a lot of pictures but I just want to show you how these liners are when it comes to smudging. We all don't want raccoon eyes, do we? :P

Anyway, it's almost weekend again. I went to work this morning but I was sent home because they're worried that I might have shingles or adult pox and there is a preggy girl in the office. I have to go have a check up again later this afternoon. I hope it's not poxie. And I have been on sick leave for 4 days now.


  1. Perfect! I've been seeing these a lot on ebay and was wondering if someone on logger will ever do a review on them. Thanks, Pammy!

  2. Tish, go for the line & seal and flat liner 24 variants. :P

  3. your pics are awesome!
    thanks for this post...

    that's 1 of the reason why i never shop at beauty bar..hehe

    i think they are way over priced!

    the lippies look great!

  4. Hi Thiamere. Thanks. :P Me too, I realized how overprized their items are when I crossed paths with ebay 4 years ago. :P

  5. eeeekk! you made me want to purchase those gloss! so pretty on your lips and the liners are gorgeous!!! I have to stop myself from reading reviews about liners, I am so tempted!

  6. nice colors for the hip sticks! ganda ng lips mo btw! wow huge price difference.. will check ebay.. thanks!

  7. i love the shade of psychedelic :)
    and ang ganda ng staying power ni flat liner 24! :)

    thanks for posting this pammy!

  8. Ooooh, i didn't know you can "heat up" the twist up flat liner. mine is so dry that it hurts my lids when i use it. that's why i stuck with the line and seal 24 that i blogged about.

    I'll try it now with the twist up flat liner! i have to agree that the staying power on the lids is superb (like the line and seal one).

  9. Wow, amazing reviews!! I'm so going to try these products, thanks!

    Grabe naman magoverprice ang BB...

  10. Nikki, buy those glosses na. They're super pretty, I promise. :P

    Khymm, thank you. :) Yeah, better click on buy-it-now while supplies last. :P

    Cha, I love psychedelic too but I love Love more. :P

    Arg, yeah, napaiyak ako ni twist up the first time I used it. Ang hirap. But once warmed up na, okay na sya. :P

    Chrissy, try them and you won't get disappointed. :P So true, 595 one flat liner I saw. Exagge! ;D

  11. Wow! Thanks for this post. I haven't heard of this brand til now. I think I'll buy their hipsters. They all look pretty on your lips. And I also want to try their liners. They all look so cute and their price is L-O-V-E.

    Lots of love,

  12. Haha! Did I just say 'hipsters' on my post? Argh! I mean hipsticks by the way. -_-

    Lots of love,

  13. Wow there is a big difference on the price, thanks for the review girl ^_^.

    About Skin MD, at first I was really afraid to use it on my face. But after using it for more than a month now, I find it the gentlest moisturizer for me. No breakouts talaga hehe. ^_^

  14. Golden, yes you did say hipsters. :D That was cute though. :P

    Emily, maybe I should try SkinMD on my face too. It's really cold at night. :)

  15. ok yung black ha? for such a cheap price it held up well :)

  16. Those Hipsticks are cool, I'm gonna try these because of all the raves from blogs and GT.


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