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Monday, April 12, 2010

Fixin' a Broken Foundie

Being the clumsy girl that I am, it is frustrating and saddening to see your fave powder foundies break and shatter into pieces. It is even more frustrating when you have barely used that product and the price is kinda steep. I resolved to putting them on sifter jars and use them as loose powder foundies but I find it messy and kind of a hassle to use it that way. After seeing a fellow blogger's post about her broken MAC Studio Fix Powder, I googled ways to save or fix broken powder foundies. I only needed one thing and that is Isopropyl Alcohol or otherwise known as rubbing alcohol. Most of the alcohol we have here at home is ethyl and I can't use that. Good thing there is a nearby 711 and they have Isopropyl Alcohol that comes with a spritzer - just exactly what I needed!

So here's "The Salvager" :P

1. I evenly distributed the loose foundie on the compact.

2. I spritzed isopropyl alcohol all over it. Not a pretty sight, I know.

3. Just let it dry. An hour will probably do given the very hot weather we have now in Manila.

I was able to save my Kanebo Revue Still Keep and Shiseido Supplist Poreless Powder Foundies. And I can use them with their neat compacts. Yay! :P

I checked if it is safe to use alcohol on powder foundies. It is fine because it even kills all the bacteria residing on your powder foundies. :P

It doesn't look really nice but at least I can use them without the mess and I won't have to worry about the powder making a mess inside my bag.

Ta! Have a great week! :)


  1. thank goodness you were able to fix it, thank you Lord I haven't broken anything..YET! But just in case that happens, at least I know how to fix it :)

  2. hate it when powder breaks..good thing it only happened to me once.hehe

  3. it's so frustrating when you've broken a pan of powder... I haven't broken a foundation powder but my brother broke my blush powder! Oh well I used it all up naman =p

  4. Nikki, I hope you don't break anything. But I think you're not as clumsy as I am naman. :P

    Khymm, you're welcome. I hope this post helps. :P

    Shobe, good thing once pa lang. Wag na sana masundan. :P

    Chelle, it's so sad when that happens. Lalo na siguro if someone else broke it. But at least you were able to use it up. :P

  5. i did the same thing when my ELF bronzer, mas compact na sya ngayon compared and hindi na makalat gamitin.

  6. Ghie, I now remember that I have an ELF bronzer which broke as well. Will try that too, thanks. :)

  7. Whoever discovered this is genius. I hope the alcohol won't have bad effect on your foundie though. :)

    Lots of love,

  8. i wonder if i can do this with my ellana illuminating mineral finishing poweder,its all over the place!

  9. Laneige, I read somewhere that this won't work with mineral stuff. I just dunno if that's true though. :P


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