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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Product Review: NYX Rouge Cream Blushes

After being a naughty girl with you guys, I gotta go back to doing reviews. :P

I have always been a powder blush user as it's so easy to use and I have oily skin so it is more recommended than creme blushes. However, I recently started getting out of my comfort zone and started exploring cheek tints, which I was not successful in using, and now, cream blushes. My first cream blush was NARS Lokoum from a sis and I found it a little hard to blend so I went back to using powder blushes. Not until I received NYX Glow from another sis, which is so easy to work with, I then changed my mind about cream blushes. And now, I will review the only 3 NYX Rouge Cream blushes I have.

Natural, Glow, Red Cheeks

A very cute and pretty cool-toned bubblegum pink shade with no shimmers nor glitters.

A lovely nude peach-pink shadw with a hint of brown without shimmers and glitters that is true to its name when not overapplied.

Intimidating and scary red in the pan but gives off a reddish fuschia pink tint without the shimmers and glitters.

What I like:
- The blushes are creamy and easy to blend.
- Applies smoothly.
- Buildable - you can go sheer and you can be a Betty Boop should you want to look like her.
- Matte but not flat, makes your cheeks look dewy and gives you a healthy pop of colour.
- Pigmentation is really good. Use sparingly.
- Can be used as a base for powder blushes.
- Cheap yet of good quality. You get value for money.
- Compact is sleek and doesn't look too cheap at all. Pretty practical too.
- Now locally available due to resellers.

What I don't like:
- Some are too creamy and some are too balmy so it's not quite consistent when it comes to texture.
- Lasting power is so-so. That could very well be due to my having oily skin.
- Shelf life is not consistent. Some show 8 months, some show 12 months. C'mon, be consistent.

Overall rating: 4/5
Will I buy again? No, because these 3 pans will take me years to finish. :P

Tip: To achieve an airbrushed effect and to make it look really natural, use with a stippling brush. :P

Glow, Natural, Red Cheeks

When blended with a stippling brush:

Red Cheeks, Glow, Natural

Advance Happy Easter Egg Hunting Day! :P


  1. Havent had much luck with blushes except for powder, but it fades on me pretty easily. This sounds perfect, will try soon :)

  2. I really wanted to try this NYX cream blush. Thanks for the review. :)

  3. natural look super gorgeous!!! Glad you're back with blush review Blush Wh...! ehhee

  4. i'll be having mine this April! haha.. i got boho chic and i'm excited :)

  5. Thanks for the review sis... will try these blushes soon! Glow looks nice..

    Take care.. xoxo :)

  6. Sush, these creme blushes are really good. You ought to try them. :P

    Trizh, go try it. I'm sure Natural or Glow will look great on you, as well as Boho Chic. :P

    Nikki, haha! Still can't say blush wh... :P

    Juju, Boho Chic looks gorgeous. I want it too! :P

    Yhen, Glow looks really nice. It's my fave among the three. :P

  7. I want Glow! I have Natural and Rose Petal which looks similar.

  8. I like the line, "Matte but not flat". Hahaha. It caught my eye. :P

    Great swatches! :)

  9. Try these matte but not flat blushes, Sofia. They're nice and pretty. :P

  10. Khymm, it's nice. It's kind of in between Taos and Crazed. :)

  11. These look great! Specially the lighter colours, even though the red looks gorgeous when blended out. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Pretty shades. I like Glow the most based on the swatch.

    Lots of love,

    Just PM me when you're here in Baguio. I would love to have a coffee with you. :)

  13. Golden, it's my fave. :P Sure, let's have coffee. ;D

  14. Nice review, I haven't tried Nyx cream blushes yet. The swatches are really pretty. :)

  15. Emily, try NYX blushes. They are worth it. :P

  16. thanks for this swatches.. :) i have mine in ntaural and boho chic, both really pretty.. :)

  17. Kikaynurse, I like Natural the most. It's so pretty and really does look natural on the cheeks. :P

  18. me too.. :) it's really natural.. i finally found my perfect blush.. :)

  19. Glad you've found your perfect blush, dear. :P


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