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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Product Review: Paul & Joe Lipstick in 070 Chantilly

Happy Holidays, guys! I've still been pretty busy these past couple of weeks that this post has been sitting on my drafts for that period. I'm glad, though, that I'm finally able to post this just because I called in sick today as I've been sick since last Christmas. Bummer. Anyway, here is my review for the Paul & Joe Lipstick in 070 Chantilly which I have acquired a couple of months ago.

The product up close.

What I like:

  • The packaging's design is cute. I am not usually  fan of such designs but I like the combination of pink and purple on this one.
  • The shade is a lovely pale peach-pink with a very slight hint of blue tones in it.
  • Applies sheer but can be built up for the intensity of the colour to show up more.
  • Glossy and applies smoothly.
  • Pretty moisturizing for a lipstick. It somewhat reminds me of a tinted lip balm in a tube.
  • Does not cause any allergic reaction or irritation on my lips.

What I don't like:
  • If applied more than thrice, it makes me look mighty pale and sick.
  • Staying power is poor since it is very sheer and glossy.
  • I don't dig the packaging. It looks cheaply made if you ask me. It is made of sturdy cardboard. Sturdy but still, it's cardboard.
  • Pretty expensive for a lipstick that has poor staying power for Php 1300/tube. For the price, I can add a hundred bucks and go for a Dior lipstick instead.
  • Paul & Joe lipsticks are locally available but since this is part of a collection or a limited edition lipstick, it might no longer be available.

Overall rating: 2.5/5 While it is very pretty, it isn't something I reach for and it just sits pretty on my traincase after I used it just a few times.

Will I buy again? No.

Arm swatch

Lip swatch

Have you tried this lipstick or any other lipstick from Paul & Joe?

Have a happy year-ender, everyone! :)



  1. Thank you for the honest review, Pammy. I haven't tried their lipsticks but did have a lip balm thingy from them that wasn't all that. :\ Though it did not earn 5 stars with you, at least it looks pretty on your lips! :D

    (Thank you for your kind comment, doll. Happy Holidays to you too!)

  2. It's such a pretty color in the tube, but too bad it's not that great.

    By the way, it's been awhile since I visited you blog, and I just wanted to say Happy Holidays :)

  3. nice review! the lip color accentuates your skin.

  4. that's it nice color. I am looking one creamy lipstick but never heard that brands

  5. The colour looks nice on your lips. The casing looks pretty but I can't imagine what would happen if it ever got wet.

  6. It looks really nice on you though I agree on you on the cardboard! sana man lang plastic na lang no? hahaha pero siguro environmental friendly sila? hehehe

    I have just ONE P&J lippie and it's the limited edition one, same as you, first 2 application is great but more than that, Pale din!!!

    Happy Holidays!

  7. Ang cute nya... kaso di ko magagamit yan dahil nga...ang cute niya! Haha. THat's why I avoid things with nice packaging..nanghihinayang ako gamitin.

    Chrissy @ Cosmetic Fixation

  8. Thanks for the review! I'll give this one a miss!

  9. awww i'm sad that shade didn't work out for ya, i'm a p&j believer cuz of fuzkittie, i just can't justify the cost. had it been japanese, then possibly i'd be able to justify the cost. =(

  10. Thank you, dearies. Happy New Year, everyone! :)


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