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Friday, February 1, 2013

Makeup Storage 2013

If you're on my contacts or friends list on Facebook, you will see my post regarding an acrylic organizer/drawer I got from Multiply. Anyway, I decided to use an acrylic drawer to store my makeup instead and let "Sparky" the train case rest for a while after 2 long years of use. I thought it might be more convenient to use especially when I am in a hurry and I need to primp myself. So without any flurry, here are pictures of my new makeup storage.

The acrylic organizer/drawer houses most of my makeup. 

I like how you can separate the top portion from the rest of the drawers.

I put my foundations, a few samples, lipsticks, concealer, a couple of blushes and tinted lip balms on the top most portion.

What's stored on the two small drawers on the first layer.

On the second layer drawer...

And on the third.

Now the small wooden box with a clear window and a drawer partition is where I store those that I rarely use or no longer fit in the drawers. I got the box and a pack of drawer partition from Japan Home Center for Php 88 each. Then the small acrylic desk holder that I got almost 4 years ago from Saizen holds my makeup removers, setting mist/spray, wand concealer, and compact foundation.

There/ Now I like how more organized it is and I no longer need to bring out my train case and open it every single time I apply my makeup. Now, it just houses the boxes of all my makeup. Yes, I like keeping their boxes and used to store everything inside their boxes. Anyway, I hope you find this organization/storage nice.

Have a fabulous weekend, super awesome peeps! :)



  1. Replies
    1. Go get one! Buy at the Little Emily Shop as this is overpriced on some other online stores. :)

  2. I really like to have one of those acrylic organizers...its one way of de cluttering our vanity table..Hi Pammy...have a great Sunday...

    1. Hello Mildred. :) I totally agree. You have a great Sunday too :)

  3. I love your acrylic organizers! And your makeup too! n_n

  4. Parang magic, it doesn't seem to contain much perong ang daming nalagay.

    1. True! Akala ko at first, hindi kasya kahit konti na nga lang pero nagkasya almost everything. Katuwa lang. :)


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