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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Majolica Majorca Blush Love! :P

Good morning! Been MIA for almost a month, I got a little busy with work. Anyway, I'm back with 2 pretty blushes from Shiseido Majolica Majorca. I got these through a pre-order from a Cake sister. I ordered only 2 shades - RD255 and PK333. They are both absolutely pretty! Plus they are cheap. I got both for only PHP990! Ain't that a great deal? Lookie! :P

(a very feminine pink with very subtle shimmer that is barely noticeable)

(not in any way red but rather NARS Deep Throat-ish)

PK333 and RD255

Here's what cheered me up yesterday as I've been sick again for 3 days now. And a nice note from Smile. :P

I want the highlighter and the blush compact where I can put both shades. I'm contemplating on whether or not I should get them. :P

Ta-ta! :P


  1. eeehh,been eyeing on that blushes!!but i cant stand pre shades pammy!!!

  2. Shobe, it took me a little over a week to receive them. They are so pretty that the wait was really worth it. :P

    Ida, thank you. They are lovely indeed. :P

  3. nice shades pammy! =) wow you got both for less than 1k?! nice deal..

  4. the price you got is really good! and the Blush Queen strikes back! hehehe

  5. nice swatches! would you believe i don't own anything from MM?

  6. Crystal, then it's about time you own one. :P These are my first MM products. :)

  7. ahh! i want! hahaha
    what website did you pre-order them from? =)

  8. 2 Blushes for less than PhP1k? Please let me know where you ordered. :D

  9. Anonymous ans Shabby, I think there is a post regarding the pre-order at :P

  10. i cant find it on that site =(

  11. Ooh Ahh! The blushes looks yummy! Can't wait to use mine sis!

  12. I am just so glad Pammy that you're back. *hugs*

    Lots of love,


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