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Monday, March 29, 2010

Product Review: Kanebo Kate Cheek Color in OR-1

After Majolica Majorca, there is another blush that made me realize how nice Japanese-manufactured blushes are, and that is Kanebo Kate Cheek Color in OR-1. I received this blush from a dear sister and I am super thankful for it as I have been lemming for a blush from this brand since I don't know when. So after using it a few times, time to give it a review.

The blush up close.

This isn't a true orange color. It is more of a lovely peach shade with a hint of orange that has subtle shimmer.

It comes with a cute little blush brush that somewhat resembles a baby kabuki.

What I like:
- Finely milled, texture is really nice, feels a little silky.
- Applies smoothly.
- Doesn't have over the top shimmers. Just right to give a sheen and glow.
- I like that it comes with a highlighter and when you blend the two colors together, you get a pretty peach-pink shade that looks kinda pearl-ized.
- It's hard to overdo this blush. One or two swipes is/are enough for one cheek.
- Staying power is okay. Lasts for 2-3 hours on my oily skin and I don't use primers. Some last for only an hour.
- The brush that comes along with it is super soft and not in any way scratchy. Plus it's cute.
- Locally available for PHP750 at Kanebo counters, which is actually cheap since Kate is the drugstore brand of Kanebo.

What I don't like:
- A bit chalky. After a couple of swipes, you'll see powders all over the compact. Product gets wasted.

Will I buy again? Yes. I want the pink and red one.
Overall rating: 4.5/5

Tip: To get this at a cheaper price, wait for Lux Asia sales. ;)


3rd strip: 2 colors blended

Have a great week, everyone! Ta! :P


  1. This looks great on swatch! I can totally imagine how "healthy" it'll look on cheeks! :)

  2. It does look healthy on the cheeks, Nikki. Plus it's really pretty. :P

  3. awww so pretty!!
    but the packaging isnt!lol

  4. Vanilla, it is really pretty. The packaging is okay and has a brush compact so I'm cool with it. :P

  5. that's a nice blush pammy :)
    the blended shade is really pretty!

  6. Cha, it somewhat resembles NARS O or DT when blended. Looks like Majolica RD255 too! :P

  7. i love kanebo products too! but 2-3 hours is not a good sign for me :(

  8. Crystal, yeah, it's somewhat bordering between good and bad. :P


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