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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Non-Beauty Related Purchases - Novelty Stuff

I've always featured cosmetic and beauty-related hauls ever since I started blogging. But this one's different. First thing is that I never actually did any holiday shopping - no trips to Rustan's the drove me crazy and left my wallet bleeding. I haven't been buying a lot of cosmetics lately. One or two purchases for the past couple of months and I'm already a happy girl. Anyway, I somehow went a little bit crazy buying novelty items and a couple of accessories and books. I'm sharing them on this post. Here they are..

Accessories from the Eastwood Bazaar and

Stickers, planners, memo pads, post its, a trinket with postcards and stickers

Books by John Sandford. I want to complete his Prey series. I'm hooked!
That's pretty much everything. Have a wonderful week ahead, everyone! :)

Have you purchased non-beauty related stuff lately?



  1. I love the necklaces you got! I def need to check out John Sandford!

    Check out my new blog

    1. If you like crime and cop thrillers, you'll like his books. :)

      Will do.

  2. i like the memo pads and the like, it is soo cute!

    Is john sandford okay? i havent heard of him eh... :)

    1. I'm hooked! If you're into crime and cop thrillers, you should give reading his books a try. Especially his Prey series. :)

  3. Wow! That's allot pammy.. i love collecting stickers too...

    1. Yes! It may seem childish to some but stickers make me smile, especially when I received a box full of more than 500 stickers. I'd love to see your collection. :)

  4. I love the jewelry you got! Especially the teal necklace ... love it! :D


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