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Monday, April 2, 2012

Updated Makeup Stash

Hello everyone. As some of you know by now, I have been doing a lot of de-stashing since early this year and I am mighty proud of myself for letting go of items that I no longer get to use and not holding on to them simply because I think I can use them again someday. In the process, I have come to realize which among the products I have I deem as keepers and which ones I really use. I never really had a lot or a huge number of makeup to begin with so you'll see less on this post. These are the items I rotate so I can use them everyday. :)

I'll start with the lippies...

L-R: Kiehl's Lip Balm | Vaseline Lip Therapy | Caudalie Paris Lip Conditioner |
Kanebo Coffret D'Or RD-167 | Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter Tutti Frutti |
MAC Sheen Supreme Lipstick Ultra Darling | YSL Rouge Pur Couture Rose
Dahlia | Chanel Rouge Allure Comedia | Guerlain Kiss Kiss Stick Gloss Corail
des Mers | Natasha Beauty Lip Gloss Better Bare | MUJI Lip Pencil Pink |
NYX Color Lip Balm Sukriya | Models Own Lip Balm Tangerine | Kanebo
Coffret D'Or Lipstick Sampler | Korres Lip Butter Pomegranate

Base Makeup...

Kanebo Coffret D'Or Beauty Lasting Liquid UV BE-B | RMK Liquid
Foundation 102| Shu Uemura Face Architect Smoothing Fluid Foudation 974
| Giorgio Armani Face Fabric Second Skin Nude Makeup 2 | YSL Matt Touch
Foundation 02 Blond

Powder Foundations, Pressed Powders, Loose Powder..

MAC Mineralize Skin Finish Natural Light | Kanebo Coffret D'Or Silky Pact
BE-C | Shiseido Supplist Poreless O00 | Kryolan Anti Shine Powder |
MAC Blot Powder Pressed Medium | Kanebo Coffret D'Or Beauty Lasting
Pact BE-C | coming soon (this week) - MUFE HD Powder


Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Double Face Perfector Fair | Laura Mercier
Secret Concealer 2 | Maybelline Dream Mousse Concealer Cream


Maybelline The Magnum Volume Express Mascara | Kiss Me Heroine Make
Impact Frame & Curl Mascara | Kiss Me Heroine Make Volume & Curl

Eyebrow Makeup, Eyeliners, Eye Primer

Maybelline Gel Liner | Browlash Ex Water Strong W Eyebrows | Skinfood
Choco Powder Eyebrow Wood Pencil | Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliner Zero |
Nichido GNO white eyeliner | ELF Mineral Eyeshadow Primer | Revlon
Brow Fantasy in Brunette | ELF Eyebrow Treat & Tame Ash

Random samples of foundations and pigments...

Guerlain Lingerie de Peau | Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua | Pigments from MAC &
Kryolan | foundation samples (I forgot which brands)

Eyeshadow and Blush Palettes...

Laura Mercier Colour Classics Face Palette - 2 blushes (Baby Pink and Plum)  |
Shu Uemura Aya Takano Reindeer XXXX Kiss Palette - 1 glow on (K6)

And my favorites... Le Blushes!

Kanebo Coffret D'Or Cheek Colour PK-22 | Burberry Light Glow Blush 04
Peony | Guerlain Blush 4 Eclats 05 Rose Plein Vent | Chanel Joues Contraste
Tea Rose | Shu Uemura Glow On P Pink 30 | Shu Uemura Glow On M Pink
30 | Becca Mineral Blush Flowerchild | Skinfood Sugar Cookie Blush Winter
Cherry | Becca Beach Tint Guava | Benefit Bella Bamba | Giorgio Armani
Blushing Fabric 2 | Sample of Giorgio Armani Blushing Fabric 5 | Crushed
orange ball from Paul & Joe Bambi from Disney Collection

*I forgot to include my teeny single gorgeous green eyeshadow from Wet n Wild which is Envy.*

There you go. That's all the makeup you'll find in Sparky (my traincase) and that's how I am able to show each product a little lovin' lately. And my new rule in makeup: 

Go for quality over quantity. Be a minimalist.

I'll go for the products that I have proven to work fantastic on me than have tons which would include some items that I would not get to use at all. See, I used to think that the more makeup I have, the better it'll be for me if I want to continue being a beauty blogger. But as time goes by, I think I have come to realize that no, I don't have to have a huge collection of makeup and I need to be practical. If I find that a product isn't good for me, I have to let it go and who knows, the person who will adopt it can make that product work for her, instead of keeping it, waiting for the right time to use it, and before I know it, it has already croaked. I get to appreciate every single piece that I have and slowly, my lemming for new makeups is easier to control. 

I also know that sometimes, it's not just about the quality; it's how you make a product work for you. But there are really some products that'll never work no matter how hard or how much you try. That is basically the risk we take when buying products, right? We are all armed with the hope of that product working wonderfully on us. So when it's already hopeless after several attempts to make it work, move on.

One more thing - I know that I'm aiming for products with really good quality but it does not mean they have to be from high end brands. There are gems in drugstore and mid-range brands. And as long as I am spending within my means for those quality products, then I am good. 

I am not getting all preachy here but I only wanted to share how I was able to settle for the good ones and how I did not hold on to those I have let go of. I do encourage you to figure out which products work for you and are worth keeping and to let go of those you don't get to use often, either by giving them away or by selling them. You'll be able to hit pan on one of your blushes before you know it and it is pretty exciting because that means it's time for you to buy a new one! Kidding! But seriously, I am about to hit pan on my Kanebo Coffret D'Or blush as I have made a huge dent on it. I am pretty excited, really! Well, I still buy, of course, but I need to make sure that I am not breaking my pact of letting go of something to make room for that new purchase. :)

I hope this post can help you in a way. :)

Happy Monday, everyone. :)



  1. wow! i love your blush collection! and hmm.. got me thinking, maybe i should start de-stashing my traincase too!

    1. Thank you. You should try that, or if you think you'll have a hard time de-stashing, shop you stash. :)

  2. What a lovely collection you have! :D I like your new rule in makeup.

  3. great post pammycakes! :3 you still actually have more than i do, i think. :P that's after you destashed right? you are teh original foundation and blush fiend! my eyes were immediately glued to the burberry blush and i'm pretty sure you know why hahaha! x)

    i think most of us tend to cling to high end brands for the security that the products would probably worth the money we're paying but then, that always isn't the case. it takes trial and error sometimes. hmmm... also, i think it's important for people to know that what works for someone might not necessarily work for them. :P - coming from someone who usually gets suckered into buying highly raved about products. =P so believe me, i know what i'm talking about hahaha! xD

    spam spam spam! XD thanks for texting me the other day btw. hugs!

    1. I think you have more! I'm constantly letting go of things eh. :P

      Oh no, I don't think I am the original foundation and blush fiend. Other people's blush collection is actually more than my entire makeup stash. And those are just blushes. Haha! :P

      I thought that I'd get my money's worth if I stick to high end brands but that isn't entirely the case. And I think we should all realize that there will always be better products out there but that does not necessarily mean they are the better ones for us. :)

      No worries, I hope you're feeling much better now. :)

  4. I should start doing this too; I usually end up using the same few items because they're conveniently in my makeup bag. I agree that you can find great quality items without having to spend a lot; a lot of my favorite items are from brands like WnW, Milani, and NYX.

    1. True! Try it, it feels great to be able to use your makeup and fear not that they will just expire without getting much love from us. And yes, some of these drugstore products are even better than high end ones. :)

  5. i love your blush collection hun well i only have 5 and alternately using them.. ^_^

    1. Thank you, dear. I think 5 blushes will take you a really long time before you finish them all. At least you are getting the most out of them. :)

  6. it took me a awhile, but i'm getting on to the quality over quantity motto. i'm preferring more high end now LOL because the quality is just way better ;-)
    i keep getting attracted to the skin food blush LOL

    1. Haha! But dear, it's still a case of hiyangan even with high end brands ha. :)

      The blush is pretty but if you have NARS Orgasm, you can definitely skip on that Skinfood blush. :)

  7. Agree with Quality over Quantity! been trying to live by with it as well. :)

  8. "See, I used to think that the more makeup I have, the better it'll be for me if I want to continue being a beauty blogger." - Love this!

    When I started blogging, I had the same feeling too. I felt like I needed to try a lot of stuff (more from skin care) so that I have a lot to share and help other people. Good thing I was able to stop (that belief) in its tracks.

    For a time, I even stopped writing all together coz I didn't know what to do or write about anymore.

    1. So true! It was like I have to try this and that even though I knew from the very beginning that it won't work for me. You know, just for the heck of being able to post something. Now I will challenge myself and my creative juices. :)

  9. Gorgeous stash...I'm always curious what other people love to use.

    haha, yeh my face got really dumb when I saw the cotton pads in the box: good there wasn't a camera around ;)

    1. Thank you. :)

      Haha! That would've been a Kodak moment. :)

  10. that is so true.
    I did let go some of the things that I really don't use anymore. Those that really don't work for me...and will be saying goodbye to some again soon... :)

  11. Great post! I completely agree with you on the quality over quantity point, and also on the drugstore gems. I've found some great little inexpensive goodies, which perform just as well as the higher end/designer products I have.

    Love your blush collection, too! I have the two Becca shades and reach for both of them often. The Armani Blushing Fabric looks like a pretty shade as well. I haven't tried any of their blushes yet, but I'm tempted every time I see photos, or read a review!

    1. You'll like the Armani Blushing Fabric if you like non-powder blushes and if you like how silicone applies on your skin.

      I am loving both Becca products! :)

  12. Inspiring post! Yeah I do agree with what you're talking about here. There are a handful items that I use day in day out... however I am careful not too hoard too much of makeup since they do expire. Great stash!

    1. I'm glad to know that you do have control with your makeup purchases. :)

  13. Wow, you,ve done very, very well! I seem to be constantly de-stashing myself and it drives me crazy! I mean, who need 20 blushes and bronzers when one of them will last me for a lifetime LOL?!

    1. I mean, who need 20 blushes and bronzers when one of them will last me for a lifetime - agree! Especially if you buy them just for personal use. :)

  14. Hey Pammy, your stash is well edited and very pretty. As much as I know I should be destashing I just can't let go, I'm not called a hoarder for nothing :)

    1. I understand. As long as you get to rotate your makeup and use them, I think that's fine. :)

  15. I agree with you.. Honestly, I'm trying my best to do the same.. not to buy so much make-up as I can't use them all at the same time. i'm still trying to hold back >< Yes, it's hard but I have to discipline myself. I have lots of make-up that I can't still find time to blog about.. hummm my addiction is bugging me so much tho

    Thanks for sharing this pammycakes! mmuah! Love your picks! mmuah

    1. Good luck, Diane. You can do it. Here's another thought that encouraged me to de-stash.

      "While makeups are nice to look at, you won't get the most out of its beauty if you can't use it on you because it has already expired."

      Hope that helps. :)

  16. Thanks for this wonderful post and reminding me not to be a hoarder. I certainly agree with you to go for quality over quantity. :)

  17. You still have a great makeup collection - especially your blushes =D
    I have been de-stashing my collection too - got rid of my old makeup that I knew I wouldn't be using anymore. Felt great after that, made new room for more! hehe

  18. i'm getting there...when I met Burberry Beauty. Thanks for this inspiring post pammycakes!

  19. love everything!
    i def agree... it's better to invest in something worthy rather than hoarding products that you will not even be using.

  20. De-stashing seems to be a popular blog topic. It's timely and very inspiring. :) keep 'em coming! :)


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