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Friday, April 6, 2012

Yum Moments: Dee Coffee House

A Yum Moments post again after a long time! Perfect time to post this because it's already lunch! Last Wednesday, a co-worker and I decided to have snacks before going home. We were thinking of eating either at Cafe Lidia, Boyong's, and Mama Chit's, which are all within Marikina but ended up at Dee Coffee House. It happens to be right next to Mama Chit's. We wanted to try something new as we were already getting our Hungarian sausage sandwich and/or grilled chicken with pesto sandwich fix from Boyong's almost every night. Will post  separate entry for those one of these days. We were welcomed by a small, cozy, place which makes you feel at home because the tables are in their small garden which I assumed was turned to a  cafe. We were handed a menu with just a few selection of sandwiches, pasta, and nachos.


This is what welcomes you the moment you enter the gate.

I was set on ordering the chicken quesadillas but was informed that it wasn't available at that time so I settled for the Mexican Taco instead and a can of Coke.

Cheese overload! I wasn't expecting much because it looked so simple but eyes went huge after taking my first bite because it was good! I had to voice out how yummy it is to my co-worker. The salsa was perfect - not too sweet, not too sour. Just right. And the meat wasn't overwhelming and tasty on its own too. The taco was perfect with hot sauce. I ended up ordering another one for dinner. It's fairly inexpensive too at Php 60.

My co-worker was going to order the American Chicken Bacon Burger but again, it wasn't available so he ordered the cheeseburger instead. He said the burger was good because the patty on its own is already tasty and flavorful enough and the lettuce was fresh. Overall, he liked it. And for the yummy burger, Php 75 isn't bad at all.

Overall, it was a good experience for us, everything was freshly prepared and worth the wait. The next time we come back, I plan to order their pasta which received good reviews from other bloggers who have dined at this coffee house.

DEE COFFEE HOUSE (Since 1960's)
280 J.P. Rizal Street, San Roque, Marikina City, Metro Manila
Tel. No.: (02) 646-8549 / 09179130009
Open Mondays to Saturdays, 2:00 P.M. to 9:00 P.M.

Til the next Yum Moments post!

Have a blessed Holy Week, everyone..



  1. I think they have the best nachos in Marikina, so far. :) have a blessed week as well!

  2. pammycakes! ang layo naman marikina! the quesadillas!nomnom!

  3. marikina nanaman! so far! LOL! =)) quesadillas :O made me hungryyyyyy~

  4. That taco looks so good I think I'll have an early lunch! Just looking at the picture is making my mouth water! :)


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