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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Yum Moments: Chili Con Carne Cheesedog at Mama Chit's

Again, here is another Yum Moments post. Earlier, I wanted to eat something different since I have been having pizza lately so the place my food trip buddy and I were looking for the last time we met up to eat was where I decided to have snacks or late lunch. We have decided to discover different places here in Marikina where we can find good food. Luckily, it was daytime when I went there so I was able to finally locate it. It's Mama Chit's, a very small American style diner that offers burgers, fries, hotdogs, pizza, pasta, and other stuff. It's really small and you have to have a keen eye or else, you won't be able to spot it. It's along JP Rizal St. in San Roque, Marikina City, a little past the Our Lady of the Abandoned (OLA) Church. And so to get an idea on how it looks like, here are photos.

Told you it's really small. That's why we didn't spot it when we looked for it the first time we wanted to try their food. Here's the entrance.

I think the owner loves the 1950's-1960's because of the decorations. However, I think they went a little overboard with it that everything seems to be all over the place. I honestly think they overdid the decoration. Though I felt like I was taken back to the 50's when I was inside placing my order. They could also be collecting stuff and using them as decor. :)

Oooh, Frank Sinatra. I love listening to his songs. :P And there's this small slot machine too.

Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley :P

Elvis Presley again. I wonder if they are a huge fan of his.

Some wood carving that reminds me of that thingie from Night at the Museum.

I love the ashtray. I would've loved to snag it and take it home but nah, I can't do that. :P

After about 15 minutes, my order finally came. Chili con Carne Cheesedog Sandwich (Php85 or around $2) with Coffeehouse Lemon Iced Tea (Php60 or a little over $1 but I swear to God I saw on the menu that it was only Php40 but maybe they had a price increase).

The bread is made from wheat and I like how it has Parmesan cheese on top. The cheesedog was juicy and the bread was sort of toasted but still soft enough. The chili con carne was, however, a little too dry for my liking. Plus the meat was a little overcooked. It would have tasted better if it wasn't as dry as it was and the meat was cooked just right but nevertheless, a really yummy sandwich and still worth the price. It was overall a good experience except when I asked the lady at the counter what's in their Chili con carne and she simply answered with an annoyed look on her face, "carne". I told her I know it's meat but I wanted to know if it's in a hotdog sandwich or in a burger (because I have had burger with chili con carne before) and she finally understood. When she served my meal, she finally smiled and that annoyed look was gone. Jeez. Haha! Overall, I like this small diner and would definitely come back to try their bestselling burgers.

Want to eat at Mama Chit's? Let's go! :P

Happy Thursday again, super awesome peeps! :P


  1. Don't you just hate it when there's a price discrepancy?? At least for P85 the serving seems okay.

    What's with the attitude? Ayaw ka na ba pabalikin nung crew na yon? Hehe. The food posts seem to be coming in a regular interval ha ;)

  2. Madz, I noticed that too. I've been pigging out lately. Pigging out regularly = big tummy. Haha! :P

  3. I think they were going for the TGIF kind of decor. :))

    Something that's in your face but still tasteful? But I think they still went a lil bit overboard!

    I'm gonna Google Maps the area and drag the boyfriend there. Thanks for the heads up!

  4. Michelle, go for Cafe Lidia first! :P Haha!

  5. the hotdog sandwich looks so yummy! it's a good thing because i'm about to eat a double down from kfc.

    i super love seeing food posts pammy!!! do let us know if the burgers are good ok? :D

  6. Sugar, I still haven't tried the double down. Maybe I should tomorrow. :P

  7. nice place :) so vintage. I should try there sometime

  8. Uy, vintage vibe! Nice. Hayaan mo na yung girl, baka bad mood lang. Carne nga naman eh ikaw talaga, LOL.

  9. Argie, let's go eat at Mama Chit's and Cafe Lidia! :P

  10. reminds me of Applebee's restos here, they have all that kind of old/vintage wall frames, missing PI now, mga foods yay!

  11. Chantzy, let's go have a food session when you visit the PI. :P

  12. The chili does look dry. I think that's too steep for something that's tiny. I would skip that place and head over to Smokey's! lol.

    AWW! I miss the Philippines! :( I can't wait to visit so I can eat Yellow Cab and Army Navy again. Hot damn!

  13. I agree with toni,
    the price is a little too steep for the tiny serving..hehe

    by the way, I gave a blog award, please do check it out.

  14. Toni, haha! Oh no it's not as small as it looks. It;s definitely bigger than Smokey's. Make sure to get your burger and pizza fix when you get back here. :P

    Hollie, it's kinda big. :P Thanks for the award, dear. :P


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