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Friday, January 7, 2011

Pop Beauty Eye Class Eye Shadow Palette in Green Eyes

I really love fairy eye shadows or green hues. And I am so glad that I got this eyeshadow palette - Pop Beauty Eye Class in Green Eyes - because it has different shades of green and some are even blue-toned. Let's take a quick peek at this palette.

It comes in a metallic mint-green wallet-like case which I am not really digging. It's a little too shiny and "youngster" for me. The Green Eyes label is made of green stones that looks kinda cute but still too youngster in my opinion.

The black shadow is broken but I really don't mind since I'm not sure if I need it that much. The rest of the colors are gorgeous and absolutely stunning!

A closer look at the shadows.

Swatched with liquid foundation underneath. Most of the shimmery ones are really pigmented. There are some, though, that are kind of powdery especially the black one. I must say that you need use these with a base or apply them wet if you really want the colors to pop out. Nevertheless, a really nice palette to have especially if you love greens. Do not expect these to be as great as Urban Decay and MAC eye shadows though.

I sort of played with all these Tinkerbell colors earlier.

Happy Friday again, super awesome peeps! :)


  1. Laneige, that's one of my fave colors on the palette! :P

  2. Denysia, Hollie, Nadine: Yeah, they're pretty colors! And most are pigmented too and easy to swatch. :P

  3. Yeah the turquoise really standsout and nice din yung parang moss green shade. You're really Ms Green eyeshadow:-)

  4. Mina, I can't help it. I love green eye shadows. :P I read somewhere too that greens make brown eyes pop. :P

  5. Pammy!! Man these colors are GREAT!!!
    You know I love all of that green eyeshadow!!!
    It fabulous on your eyes!


  6. Green eye shadow could be cool.

  7. hey Pammy, I have a blog award for you. :D

  8. Angela, thank you. Green eyeshadows are l-o-v-e! :P

    Ninja, I agree. :)

    Becky, it is a nice palette especially for eyeshadow noobs like me. :P

    My-my, wow, thank you for that award. :P

  9. You are very welcome. You deserve it. :D

  10. ive always wanted to try a pop palette - thanks for the swatches.. i definitely need more colours in my looks :P

  11. My-My, thank you. :)

    Nic Nic, I think purples and blues and greens will look great on you. :P

  12. Ooh these are pretty colours ! I love love love the colours the sea ;-D Looks beautiful on you !

  13. dblchin, I'm the other way around, I'm not digging the packaging. Haha! :P

    Mookxi, thank you. :P


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