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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Product Review: Chanel Vitalumiere Eclat Comfort Radiance Compact Makeup

I was in a liquid foundation phase for a few weeks and I have purchased a couple of them and obtained a couple of samples as well, which, I will be reviewing soon. While in that phase, I decided to get a powder foundation I have been lemming for for the longest time which is Chanel Mat Lumiere Extreme Compact but thanks to the very stocked up Rustan's that we have, it was OOS together with a lot of other products so I settled for what they had at that time which is the Vitalumiere Eclat Comfort Radiance Compact Makeup. It wasn't what I originally intended to buy but it was at least able to satisfy my lemming for a powder foundation from Chanel. Was I glad I purchased it? Read my review to find out. :) But first, allow me to indulge you guys in a few photos of the product.

It comes with a velvet pouch and a booklet that tells you a lot of things about the product and if I'm not mistaken, you can find translations of the information in different languages. There is a garter that sort of serves as a "lock" so the compact stays inside the pouch.

There is a separate compartment for the brush or perhaps the sponge if in case you like using the brush more.
The fingerprint magnet compact. It is as usual elegant but having fingerprints all over it makes it less elegant than it really is.

Just like the blushes, I like how you can see the shelf life of the product at the back of the compact.

What I like:
- The packaging is very classy and sophisticated. It does not look tacky nor cheap.
- The fact that it has a velvet pouch is comforting enough since you'll be confident that the compact will not break or get scratches if you just put it anywhere inside your bag, mixed with a lot of other things.
- The brush included is really soft and is indeed useful especially if you just want a light dusting  of powder on the nose or cheeks. The sponge is also nice and perfect for touch ups.
- This powder is by far the silkiest and most velvety when it comes to texture that I have ever come across with. Beats my beloved Japanese foundations. It blends very well with the skin while making it appear softer and smoother. Provides a porcelain finish with a very nice luminous glow too.
- Although this isn't originally intended for those with oily skin, it has a pretty decent oil control. I was told this is for those with normal-combination skin but I am glad it helps keep oilies at bay for a couple of hours. **It could also be due to my sudden change of skin type which is now dry-combination.**
- It doesn't look chalky nor cakey. It's as if you barely have any powder on your face.
- Provides light-medium coverage which is build-able depending on your preference.
- Did not break me out at all.
- Refillable.
- Locally available at Rustan's.

What I don't like:

- The compact is a fingerprint and dirt magnet. You have to keep wiping it for it to be clean.
- It has the signature Chanel scent which at first bothers me but I finally got used to it.
- Oxidizes on me just a little bit but it's not that bad. Though I wish it won't do that at all.
- Expensive for Php3100 inclusive of the compact and refill.

Overall rating: 4.5/5 For the hefty price tag, it has to be good.

Will I buy again?
Yes! In fact, I purchased a refill for this and I don't think I will be needing to repurchase any time soo. But I would love to try the Mat Lumiere Extreme Variant though.

**The shade I got, Beige Rose Tendre is the second lightest pink-toned shade. I honestly thought I have warm undertones because I have long been using yellow-toned makeup which works for me but since this one also works even though it has pink tones to it, I now think I have neutral undertones. My Lancome Teint Idole Ultra Foundation also has pink tones but blends well with my skin as well. Hmmm. Mom has yellow undertones, Dad has pink, so it's possible that the child (me) has neutral undertones. Does it make sense? Haha! But seriously, I realized that I can pull off both yellow and pink-toned makeup. On most days, I am mostly pink. I get red easily and the vein thingie on the arm thingie got me even more confused. I can see both blue and green. Oh well, this is off-topic so I am stopping now.**


I wore this foundation on my Neutral Eyes FOTD and I just grabbed the picture from that post so you can see how it looks on me.

Have you tried this foundation? What other Chanel foundations can you recommend?

Happy Tuesday, super awesome peeps. :P


  1. I love/hate this post. It gave me another reason to starve myself and save money.

    Great review though, very thorough! Ups for that!

  2. You write such good reviews Pammy, it makes me want to go buy the products too! LOL! BTW, it looks good on you. :3

  3. Super luxurious naman yan! I would go crazy using it! hahahhaa :) Sorry that it oxidizes on your, your FOTD looks flawless though!

  4. Michelle, haha! Sorry this post gave you a reason to starve yourself. :P

    Sugar, go check out this product. Haha! Thanks. :P

    Nikki, I don't reapply as often as I would using other powder foundies. Saving every bit of it. Haha! :P

  5. Wow! You're on a review roll! This is great!

    I've never tried anything from chanel because I'd be to cautious at over using it. and then I won't be able to get another one once i hit pan. D:

    but the packaging looks so chic. It'd be nice to add to any collection.

  6. You gotta try White Essentiel. Nice review.

  7. Pammy! I haven't been here in a while. Hiyee! :)

    This is roughly $60, yeah? I've always loved the Chanel packaging. It's so upscale. As long as the product lasts you longer than the typical foundation then it's well worth the purchase.

    That's a luxury right there! :P

  8. My-My, yeah. I feel my reviewing "mojo" is back. Haha! :P Yeah, it's the packaging that got me the most but glad that the product works too. :P

    Anonymous, oh no. Another Chanel product that will leave me broke. Thanks for the reco. :P

    Tony, I missed you. Haha! Yeah, with the $-Php exchange rate, that makes this a around $70. Eeep! :P Yeah, great product with great packaging. :p

  9. Very luxurious foundation! Im glad im happy with my current canmake 5 effects foundie or else i'll be lemming for this hahaha!

    RYC: I think they still are! ;)

  10. Nadine, thank you dear. :P

    G, I was lemming for that Canmake foundie but good thing my friend wasn't able to find it in HK. Haha! Uh, glad that I hate going to Makati. Otherwise, I'd probably be on my way there now. Haha! :P

  11. Anonymous, it's Php3100 for the compact and foundation refill.

  12. wow. that's uber expensive. :p~
    I love the packaging. :D

  13. Katrina, the packaging really got me. And the cute little brush and the velvet pouch. I think it's worth every cent, though, since I am satisfied with it. :P

  14. Hi Pammy,

    Which shade of Mat.Lum.Ext. were you wanting to buy? I work with the Chanel PH team and maybe I can help you. Just PM on my blog ;) With regard to your question, we just launched our new Make Up Line, Le Blanc and I like the compact foundation from the line because it has higher SPF than the current ones we have :)


  15. Hi Kristen,

    Super thanks for the offer! If I remember it right, my shade on the liquid variant of Mat Lumiere is 20 Clair. I'm not sure if it's the same with the powder though. But will definitely PM you once I am done with all my powder foundies! :) Thanks for the reco, would love to try it someday. :)

  16. Sure, no prob :) You can write on my "ask anything" button anytime or if you need help so I can check our stocks at the Rustan's counters :) Thank you for using Chanel products! Great blog <3


  17. I was looking for reviews of this powder when I chanced upon your site. This post sealed the deal for me. Nice and helpful blog you have here :)


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