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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Product Review: Guerlain Kiss Kiss Baby Nourishing Lip Balm in 262 Cherry Summer

I have mentioned several times before that I love tinted lip balms. I love how they keep my lips hydrated while adding a hint of color at the same time. After my love affair with Mentholatum Lip Ice Sheer Color, here is another lip balm that I have been using lately - Guerlain Kiss Kiss Baby Nourishing Lip Balm in 262 Cherry Summer. I got this early this month and here are my thoughts on it.

What I like:
- The packaging is divine. It's so luxurious and sophisticated that it will take you back to the Victorian Era.
- It applies smoothly and is non-drying.
- A very pretty sheer medium pink shade that is glossy and looks really pretty both on the tube and on the lips.
- Something that can be applied even without a mirror.
- It has SPF10
- Locally available at Rustan's (not all branches though).

What I don't like:
- Waxy. Texture is pretty similar to Chapstick.
- The scent. Not for someone with a sensitive nose as it can be overwhelming. The scent doesn't easily go away. You have to wait for a few minutes before it fades.
- Expensive for a tinted lip balm. Regular price is Php1680. Even though I got it on sale for Php1344, it's still expensive. I could've bought at least 10 Mentholatum lippies here.

Overall rating: 3/5 I am not totally disappointed with it and neither am I in love with it. But the packaging is absolutely gorgeous that I can't bring myself to dislike it.

Will I buy again? No. The scent is just too much for me and I despise waxy lip balms. I always apply another non-waxy lip balm under and on top of it so I won't feel its being waxy.


Lip swatch
Have you tried Guerlain lippies? 

Happy Thursday, super awesome peeps! :P


  1. i haven't tried any guerlain lipstick because of the price..haha!
    i know the packaging is divine but my frugal self is always reminding me to not step within the boundary of their stall kasi once temptation kicks in hindi ko mapipigilan sarili ko!

    but it is seriously pretty!
    too bad about the waxiness though

  2. Thia, that's exactly what happened to me. I should've left the moment I have chosen the blush. Haha! Yeah, bad waxiness.

  3. Ang pretty nung packaging at nung color :) Sayang, at that price, it shouldn't be waxy! Hehe.

  4. Love the glossy lips!

    I can't do without a lip balm. And pink is pretty! Seems this is great for my lips!

  5. packaging wise, this is great!
    too bad about the waxiness..
    no spf?

    speaking of tinted lip balms.. I know The Body Shop has tinted ones in their delipscious line but i dunno how much it costs but all I know they got great shades XD
    I rarely go to Robinsons Iloilo coz it's quite far to my place which means I could only rarely visit The Body Shop XD

    Nag-bu-buo2x/nag-o-oily ba yung Mentholatum Lip Balms when used for a long time? I'm opting to buy one of them kasi..

  6. Ida, I agree. :)

    Sasmita, it's really nice. I only wish the scent isn't too much for my liking. :)

    Live, yeah. Oh, I forgot that it has SPF10! I'll edit my post. :) Re: Mentholatum: Nope. Di sila nagbubuo-buo. :)

  7. Even if I wanted to, I don't have the budget for this.

    But if I did have the money, I would totally buy it for the packaging itself! It's so cute!

  8. I agree, its too expensive for a lip balm but it's really pretty to look at. I'm just not sure if the color will fare well with more pigmented lips:-)

  9. Mina, mine's not so pigmented and the color's kinda sheer so I think it'll look almost like a clear lip balm on more pigmented lips. :)

  10. ooo that’s interesting, lip balm with color~~ but i don’t like the feel os chapstick ~~ so I usually don’t apply it ~ =) good review~~ ^^

    xoxo hitomineko xoxo

  11. Hitomi, thank you. I don't like Chapstick either. :)

  12. it makes your lips look so glossy and kissable hehe

  13. ohhh... yay pammy for not making me want to buy another product!!! =)

    but it's sad that this didn't work for you.. it's a waste of money. =___= you could have gotten a blush with that amount. sigh...

    i also don't like waxy lipbalms & lipsticks. those feel like the ones my mom used when i was small. ewwwwww....!!! =__________=

  14. your lips looks juicy! hehe

    ako naman I love waxy lipbalms coz super dry lips ko.

  15. Amy, yeah. But dang, the scent is just overwhelming. :P

    Sugar, true. Haha! I really couldn't recall if my mom's lipsticks were that waxy back then. :P

    Kim, I'm glad those waxy lip balms help out with your dry lips. :P

  16. oh I got this a while ago, I didn't really like it, I don't mind the waxy since my lips are always dry but ya too smelly for me...

  17. Juliepop, yeah. The scent is just too much. :(

  18. hi! I havent tried any Guerlain lippies but since you said you like tinted lip balms, try the one from Healthy Options - its the Alba Botanica Terra Tints. :) A friend who works there gave me one for Christmas and i fell in love! :)

  19. Nina, hi! Thanks for the reco but I have tried those yesterday and didn't like them. :(

  20. Looks juicy! We are opposite Pam. I like Guerlain very much. I need waxy balm for my lips. I have tried lip ice and my lips turned out very dull after few days of using it. I never use it again:(


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