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Friday, January 7, 2011

Guerlain Love 2: Guerlain Blush 4 Eclat 04 Rosee Du Printemps

After raving about how Guerlain's packaging made me feel part of royalty, I went back to Rustan's last Wednesday and grabbed the other shade. It was still on sale and they'll be on sale until the end of this month. I got 04 Rosee du Printemps which is what the sales assistant first described as "feyl fink" (pale pink). Hey, she was nice and all but I can't keep myself from calling her feyl fink or ate FF since then, of course, without her knowing. :P So here is the other gorgeous blush.

I still don't have the heart to swatch the first one I got - 05 Rose Plein Vent. But I mustered up all the courage I can get to swatch this because I have to start using at least one of the two. The texture of this blush is unbelievably soft and buttery! And for a pale pink shade, this is quite pigmented. I read that there are different techniques to use this blush but I just do the only technique I know - the brush swirl. But I would like to try using each shade separately though. I like how this sort of melted on my skin and glad that I don't have "Hey, I'm wearing a blush" written all over my cheeks.

Swatches - 4 shades

All 4 shades blended together

So which one do you think is prettier between the two?

I was originally tempted to get the Guerlain Pearly White Powder Foundation because of the price drop. From more than 3k, it's down to around 2.5k. While deciding if I should get it or not, I started walking around then headed out of Rustan's and went home before I find myself using the swiper or the "swipe-sign-wtf" (Wtf has always been and will always be my reaction after seeing the cc bill. Haha!) for that foundation. I realized I do not really need it at all. I mean c'mon, I have 8 foundations and I only have one face. Ooooh, someone's finally thinking and using logic here. Haha!

Anyway, since I made a total of 4 purchases from her (I got another 05 for Zai, another makeup addict, when I bought this), she got my mobile number and promised she will text me when the Guerlain pouches have arrived so I can get one for free. She even told me that she's willing to do my makeup if ever I need one. Oh yeah, we're friends now, but for the love of God, I can't remember her name. :P

For now, I'm safe from Guerlain blushes because these are the only two shades that have really caught my eye. Anyway, that's all for now. Swatches and review of 05 when I can finally bring myself to touch it.

Happy Friday, super awesome peeps! :P


  1. Been venturing in Rustan's again? LOL! I like how baby pink this blush is. Now I have to go and check it out at Rustan's before their sale ends. LOL!

  2. Sugar, guilty! :P You really should go check out their products. I was told that even though they are on sale, they have limited stocks of each item so better get one while you still can. Haha! :P

  3. someone has to stop you!

    LOL at ate FF...

    Keep off the mall so that you don't have to see their luxury cosmetics on sale. you have loads of stuff already (haha, parang nanay lang). Sigh, even i wouldn't dare touch those blush mosaics. both are lovely, i won't choose one over the other!

  4. Argie, haha! I need to stop myself. :P

    Wee, your EL is on its way to you. :P

  5. So..shall I bring in the handcuffs now? :P Its a very cute purchase though!

  6. OMG you are too funny!! Don't worry you are not bad for keeping the other shades! I swear I buy so much makeup its ridiculous! Although I have never tried this brand!!
    Happy Thursday girl!


  7. Nikki, yes please. Haha! :P

    Angela, you gotta try Guerlain. You'll feel like a queen. Haha! :P

  8. hehehe.. :) Fale Fink.. :) that was really cute, Pammy! I bet she can be ate VV too! (for Vavy Vlue..)

    the blushes are soooo gorgeous! can't blame you for not touching them.. :)

  9. Karla, I never though of Vavy Vlue. Now that you mentioned it, it'll be cute to hear her say VV. Next time I drop by Guerlain, I'll look for a baby blue eyeshadow and wait for her to say the two magic words. Haha! :P

  10. How much did you got this for?

  11. Anonymous, I got it for Php1960 though original price is Php2450. :)

  12. i love this color<3333 check it out sometime you might like it:)

  13. I loved the colour shades , its look so soft and sweet , on shopping list

    I gave you a blog award check it out

  14. Shaimaa, thank you for the award. Really sweet of you. :)

  15. i like the one on the right :)

    *sigh* no rustan's here in Iloilo :(


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