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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Yum Moments: Pizza, Pasta, and Italian Chicken at Fazoli's

Yesterday, a couple of friends and I had dinner at Eastwood. They wanted to have a Feng Shui consultation since it's almost Chinese New Year and there are booths in Citywalk 2. They convinced me to also try it, which I eventually did. We chose someone we didn't know was in demand and charged Php3000 in regular sessions but we only had to pay Php400 for 20 minutes. We all exceeded that but she didn't charge us anymore for extra. Anyway, while waiting for our turn, we decided to have dinner at Fazoli's and here's what we had.

I always order their Italian Chicken and Pesto combo. If I remember it right, it costs Php160 or Php170 which is not really bad. Though their pesto (my favorite pasta in the world) is a bit dry, I really love it. I'd rather have this than have something drowning in oil. Yeah, I am referring to the oily pasta I had at Qizia Cafe. Jeez, I really cannot get over how oily (and by far the oiliest pasta I've ever had) their pasta is. And to think it's just right beside a hospital. I hope it's not to make the customers go to the hospital after eating from them. Going back, their Italian Chicken is an absolute favorite of mine. You get two pieces that aren't really small and they taste really good too.

My friend, on the other hand, ordered Pepperoni Pizza and Spaghetti combo. I'm not sure how much the exact cost is but I'm certain that it does not cost more than Php150 bucks.

And the other one was super hungry, probably starving that this is all what's left for me to take a picture of. Haha! :P

Overall, I really love Fazolis's. Even though there were two instances where I looked and spoke with the manager, I still dine at this place. The food is affordable yet yummy and the servings are okay. I also like the ambiance of this place, which, I think is a big factor in choosing a place where to dine to.

Oh, these are the Feng Shui booths in Citywalk 2. I really don't believe these stuff but I just tried it just for the heck of it and I was really freaked out when she asked me things and said some while she seemed so sure about those, and every single thing she said was right. We exceeded 20 minutes and I think it was a total of 30 minutes for us because the girl timing everything had to come by twice to let us know that the time was up. Freaky but interesting and I was like "How the heck did she know all these?" Beats me!

Anyway, I got myself a cute pendant for the Year of the Rat which I and my friend thought looks like the one in Ratatouille. :P And it's only Php150.

Had a great time last night even though I was not feeling well. Oh, I am really falling in love with Lancome Teint Idole Ultra. Wore it last night, was sick and sweat a little but my makeup still looks fine and I only had ot blot just once. Review to follow.

I'd also like to share something. I was never the type of person who asks for signs when it comes to things that are going on in my life. Last night, I dunno what got into me that made me ask for a sign. There is something really bugging me at the moment and since the night was really cloudy from my view and couldn't see any stars, not even the moon, I said that if I see a quarter moon and a star (or at least one of them), then I will go on with that thing. A friend called and while we were talking, I suddenly looked out my window and saw a quarter moon and a star (just one) near it. Then they both faded after just a few seconds and I never saw them again. My jaw literally dropped and I just knew I was making the right decision. Could be coincidence but what a coincidence. I told my friend about it and he said he never really believed those but there's nothing wrong if I do since I saw those 2 things I asked for. He also said that maybe it is true after all. But we'll never know. I am not going to depend on those things. Just like what William Ernest Henley wrote in Invictus, "I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul", I truly believe that. But a couple of guidance here and there won't hurt.

Do you guys believe in Feng Shui and in signs? And have you eaten at Fazoli's?

Happy Saturday, super awesome peeps! :P


  1. No I haven't been yet but it surely looks like a place worth trying. Happy weekend Pam! :)

  2. Madz, you gotta try it. Haha! Have a great weekend too. :)

  3. My family does that Feng Shui thing too haha and they got to the Chinese temple and light some candles and stuff ^_^

    Man, that food looks really good. I love pesto too!

  4. Becky, I've been to a Chinese temple a few times and do the incense and the two stones thingie then they give a piece of paper with your fortune. :P

    Yeah, pesto is L-O-V-E! :)

  5. Looking forward to your review of the Lancome foundation! I feel like if there's one thing I really need to invest in (aka spend on haha), it's a good foundation. :)

  6. Kari, that is so true. A good foundation is really important. But nothing beats having good skin, right? :P

  7. your food posts makes me hungry!! i believe in signs.. errr once...before college grad i never know what do i want. I really want to become a fashion designer but having a course for legal management my dad told me to take up law. I asked GOD for a sign.. a red balloon... i never saw a that in senate except on my last day for ojt!!grabe nagskip ang heartbeat ko.. wahahahaha trust your heart pammy.

  8. Donna, thanks for sharing your sign story and for your advice. Sabi nga ng friend ko, "The universe conspired to give you what you need to believe." Taray pero true! Haha! :P

  9. Pammy, i dun understand.. how come there are chinese temples and feng shui booths in the Phillipines? Do pinoys have chinese roots?

  10. Caroline, there are lots and lots of Chinese here in the Philippines and there are even Chinese and Filipino-Chinese communities here, thus, the Chinese temples and Feng Shui booths. A lot of Pinoys are big on Feng Shui and fortune telling. ;)

  11. Thanks for the culture lesson Pammy! I really do not know much about the Philippines but one thing i know, they are now showing a pinoy drama 'the two of us' on primetime singapore tv.And the actors look i dunno 'mixed' is the only word to describe it.

  12. Caroline, I have never heard of that show, probably because I'm not fond of pinoy dramas. Haha! Yeah, a lot of celebs here have mixed blood. :P

  13. im looking forward to your review for the lancome foundation! im drooling over the chicken haha

  14. Nic, that chicken is a fave. :P Will review it this week. :)

  15. i really like your yum moments posts pammy! :)

    hmmmmmm fazoli's....... :3

    i have a feng sui braclete which i should probably take back to the shop so that the sign can be renewed LOL! xD

  16. I LOOOOOVE the bread sticks from Fazoli's!

  17. Michelle, me too! And they're unlimited! :P

  18. ahhh! food!! my weakness!!! lol. looks so yummy! ;9


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