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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Yum Moments: Creamy Cheese Pasta at Qizia Cafe

Here's another Yum Moments post from Qizia Cafe at SDS Medical Hospital (near SSS Village) in Marikina. Yes, a cafe right next to a hospital. I love pasta so that's what I ordered yesterday. Here are pictures. :)

That guy in green was looking at the camera. :P

Inside the cafe...

The almost non-existent pastries. :P

From outside the cafe.

There's a small souvenir shop right beside it.

I ordered "creamy cheese" pasta. Basically penne with tomato sauce with hotdog slices and cream sauce.

I consider this good for two because I can only finish half of it and the serving's quite big. This dish costs only Php110. Iced tea is for only Php35. Not bad, right?

Red and white sauce mixed together. This dish is really good. The sauce is really tasty but the pasta is a little bland for my liking. A little salt will do.
The only thing I didn't like - too much oil. I remember having their beef pesto before and there was also too much oil. Not good.

I've only eaten at Qizia Cafe four times. The first one was a major disappointment. I went there with my former colleagues and most of us ordered bacon cheeseburger. They were all done with their meals and I was still waiting for mine to be served. They initially served a tuna sandwich but I told the waiter what my order was. Half an hour passed and there was still no sign of my meal so I called the attention of one of the waiters to follow up on it. After another half an hour, they served me a hamburger with no bacon and cheese when I specifically told them I ordered bacon cheeseburger. That was when I decided to talk to their manager and complained. She was really apologetic but I made sure I gave her a piece of my mind. It wasn't funny going there hungry and see all your friends done with their meals while I was still waiting for mine. Of course, I didn't make a scene but there were a lot of people eating there at that time so I'm sure they heard me because some of them were looking at our direction. I promise I didn't bitch out on the manager though. :D She rushed inside and after a few minutes, another hamburger was served but the bacon still wasn't there. At that point, I already lost my appetite and once again told them that what I ordered wasn't a hamburger nor was it a cheeseburger but a bacon cheeseburger. I then advised them that my meal was "to-go". I was really disappointed that time and my friends knew I was getting pissed. It took more than an hour for them to finally get my order right. And it wasn't even gourmet! Plus, none of the waiters apologized which was a big turn off.

Anyway, the second and third times I dined there went pretty okay. But yesterday was different. I asked permission if I can take pictures and to my surprise, they were on their best behaviors. I just didn't like that they kept on glancing at my direction, watching every bite I take. Their service was better since they probably knew I was going to feature their cafe somewhere. Haha! Still, the waiting time wasn't good. 30 minutes is pretty long so I wish they work on that.

Overall, I like the cafe even after what happened the first time I was there. I like their food and not their service. Haha! I guess I just have to make sure that I won't go there starving or else, I'll probably pass out. And I like the place too. It has an "at home" feel to it.

I wore my fave shirt too.

Have you tried Qizia Cafe or have had similar bad experiences while dining out? :P

Happy Thursday, super awesome peeps. :P


  1. nooo dapat I did not open your page before lunch time !I don't want canteen food na :( :( :( i want pasta!!!

  2. That's the oiliest pasta dish I think I've seen ~ever! Pero in fairness ang dami ha, tapos affordable pa.

    Grabe naman bacon lang lagi pang nakakalimutan. Hindi ka naman natakot Pam if after repeating your order several times, somehow they prepare it unsanitary? Just a thought, I must be watching too much TV. :)

  3. Madz, I gave the meal to our helper so I wouldn't know if they did something to it like the one in the Sandwich Guy in Eastwood. Haha! :P

  4. hotdogs in pasta? that's only for kids.:p i like the name of this cafe.

  5. Luna, that's exactly what I thought of when I saw hotdogs! But it's good enough for the kids at heart. :P

  6. I know the owners of that place. Ill send the link. they also own the hospital.


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