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Monday, December 27, 2010

Yum Moments: World Chicken

While walking around Gateway doing just a little bit more shopping (I'm done after this, I promise), I realized that I still haven't had lunch and it was already 3:30pm so I decided to buy food at World Chicken and eat everything when I get home. I ordered the usual for me - one side dish of Asian Noodles and Ranch Sauce for the chicken sauce. Here it is.

Plus here are the last purchases for my holiday shopping. (Kamiseta shirt not included)

Have you tried World Chicken? What's your fave from them?

Happy Monday, super awesome peeps! :P


  1. Yup, we usually eat at the Food choices in Glorietta, I love their potato salad and asian pasta something.

  2. Kitten, it's the Asian Noodles. My fave! :P

  3. That is going to be me today!! We didnt really get to go shopping yesterday so I am hoping we get to go ALL DAY today!!! this does look wonderful though!
    When do we get to see your haul!??


  4. Angela, sounds like you will go haulin' today! :P

    By the way, posted them on the entry before this one. ;)

  5. Oh wow, it looks really good!

    I hope you're enjoying the holidays!

  6. World chicken is where my two sisters force me to eat LOL! x)

    I see a Beauty Blender. :) I hope you can review it.

  7. Spaghetti Pomodoro :) YUMMMEHHH!!! could you do a review about your new brushes?

  8. Becky, yummy indeed! Coming back for more later. :P

    Sugar sugar, I will definitely review it soon. :P

    Nadine, now I'm not sure if what I got is Pomodoro or Asian Noodles. Haha! Sure, I will review those brushes. :P

  9. i haven't tried world chicken yet but i've been told that it's yummy there!

    and great haul btw!

  10. love their asian noodles and chicken w/ ranch sauce.


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