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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Tag: Updated Makeup Collection

I love seeing other people's makeup collection. Shallow as it may sound, I find looking at makeup therapeutic. Anyway, this is a loooong overdue tag from Joice and I finally had the time to take pictures of my mini makeup collection. I have been doing a lot of de-stashing and downsizing because I want to narrow down all my makeup to only those that I really really use and I'm proud to say that I have succeeded so here are pictures.

Meet Sparky (train case) and Soapy (cosmetics pouch)

Sparky is where I put all my makeups. I had to put stickers to make Sparky a little more feminine.

Concealers, lip balms, mascara

Eyeshadow, eyebrow kit, lip balm

Lipsticks and lipglosses

Liners, mascaras, MAC studio fix

Blushes, foundations, a couple of eyeshadows, lip balms and lipgloss (Can you tell I love lip balms?)

Sparky wide open :D

And Soapy is where I put all my brushes and other tools.

Sponges are in the pocket.

So there's my humble mini makeup collection and I am happy to say that I am able to show everyone of them lotsa love. :)

Happy Wednesday, super awesome peeps. :)


  1. ang cute ng names! =) grabe you're collection looks so organized!

  2. Kim, it looks so organized because there isn't much to organize? Haha! Thanks. :)

  3. You got loads of make up goodies :) super organize pa HAHAHA!!!

  4. Nadine, thank you. I think my train case is the only thing organized in my room. Haha! :P

  5. I find looking at make up therapeutic too. which is how i stumbled onto your site. haha. love the blog, I had to follow. :D

  6. My-my, thank you. Will check your blog too. :)

  7. nice collection Pammy dear! :) i love how you keep some lippies in their boxes... im also like that! hahaha! :)

  8. That's some collection you've got there! I love looking at other make up collections too, it's my "porn" LOL

  9. nice collection pammy.. you gave me ang idea where to place my brushes

  10. I love lipbalm myself! But for some reason I never stock up on them, lol. I always finish the one I'm using before buying another. Your traincase looks nice and sturdy. I want to get one so bad.

  11. this is a VERY organised make up collection - i'm impressed! XD

  12. G, I'd rather have the boxes damaged than the actual tube itself. Thanks!:P

    kikayfetz, haha. Makeup is your porn and mine too. :P

    Donna, thanks. Yup, I thought that was perfect for my brushes when I saw that pouch. :P

    Fifi, I wish I can do it just like you. Wait to finish one up before buying. :P

    Gyc, thank you. :P I guess there just isn't much to organize. Haha!

  13. Ha ha you gave them "pet names" so cute! You are really so organized with your makeup, I have yet to learn that...he he. I like how they look together. Soapy so girly and dainty looking while Sparky is clean and sleek.

  14. Mina, haha! True, soapy is so girly and sparky is sleek. :P

  15. Sis, ang organized mo hehe I'm so jealous coz your collection is so neat and tidy :)

    Thanks for posting. I love looking at other's collection :)

  16. Gale, thank you. I'd love to see your collection too. :P

  17. i love how organized and compact everything is! if there was a fire you can easily just grab all your make up and go lol... as for my set up i might have to leave them all behind

  18. I love your soap & glory case it is too cute! Love how organized you are, everything looks so easy to find.

  19. your collection is so clean and organized. This makes me want to buy a train case!

  20. Amy, funny I was also thinking about that while having dinner. I was thinking of what I will grab when there's fire (I hope there won't be though). :P

    Diane, thank you. It's really cute with the black and white picture of an old school classic bathing suit on a girl. :)

    Dodo, go buy a train case! It will make arranging your makeups more fun. :P

  21. OMG I LOVE looking at makeup! I find just as fun as looking at clothing for me. I have tried to downsize my collection so many times but always fail! NOw that I started doing tutorials, I REALLY dont want to throw anything away just in case! LOL


  22. Thanks for sharing! I am enjoying this post and I like seeing how neat and organized you are! this is a lovely collection!

  23. Angela, looking forward to seeing more tutorials from you. :P

    Nikki, thank you. :P

  24. I have to have one... I am one disorganized person! might have it as my new year's resolution!


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