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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Thank You Giveaway + November Favorites

Hi guys! I have been thinking of doing a small giveaway for some time now but haven't thought of a good reason for doing that. But after the email thingie from "He/She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named" yesterday, I decided to finally do this giveaway as a sign of my HUGE thanks for the support from you lovely ladies. This is just a simple giveaway so please do not expect anything grand.

The stuff included on the giveaway are the following:

1. A tub of Asian Secrets Lulur Whitening Scrub
2. Purederm Deep Moisture Hand Mask
3. Purederm Nourishing Repair Hair Mask
4. Purederm Ultra Hydrating Shea Butter Mask
5. Mentholatum Lip Ice lip balm (a new one, of course)
6. Rush Shower Gel
7. Delon Cocoa Butter Lotion (a new bottle)
8. Victoria's Secret Secret Charms Shower Gel
9. A bracelet I made. :)
10. I will add more items in the process and I will update this post.

Rules are simple:
1. Just answer this question. It's a topic that is really close to my heart. "What is your favorite moment with your dad?"
2. Simply leave a comment, even a brief description of your fave moment, on this post together with your email so I can contact you if you are the winner.
3. You do not have to be a follower of this blog to join. This is open to anyone who would like to share his/her favorite moment with dad.
4. I will personally pick out my favorite answer/story. I dare you - make me laugh, make me cry! I'd love to know your story. :)
5. Giveaway ends on 20 December 2010.

I hope you guys can join! :)


Moving forward, I'd like to share my November Favorites with you guys.

1. Lander Advance Skin Care Hydrating Cocoa Butter Lotion - smells really good and moisturizing. My alternative to Palmer's Cocoa Butter when I ran out of it. Cheaper too.

2. Purederm 3 in 1 Beauty Magic BB Cream - I am proud to say that this is my HG BB Cream and I will not stray from it. I'm done trying out different BB Creams.

3. Shiseido Sheer Mattifying Compact Powder Foundation - sheer, silky, smooth finish that feels so light on the face.

4. Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay in Place Foundation - my HG liquid foundation. Need I say more? :P

5. Shu Uemura Glow On Blush M Pink 30 - I think this will forever be a favorite! My pick-me-up blush. :)

6. Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited Lipstick in BG 949 - a very pretty beige-pink-nude lipstick.

7. Skinfood Salmon Dark Circle Powder - a powder made specifically for the under eyes. This is a great powder to set your under eye concealer.

8. Charm Luxe Mini Kabuki - the cutest brush ever! Perfect with No. 9.

9. Kryolan Anti Shine Powder - a good setting powder that I sometimes use on its own. Helps keep oilies at bay.

10. Mentholatum Lip Ice Sheer Color Fragrance-Free - a new love! Turns to a nice shade of pink on the lips.

11. Prestige Perfectly Matte Translucent Powder in Oatmeal - a good face powder that has light to medium coverage. My cheaper alternative to MAC Blot but still, Blot is better. BUT Kryolan Anti Shine still reigns supreme. :P

So these are my November Favorites. :)

Happy Wednesday, super awesome peeps! :P


  1. I super love Shiseido M Pink 30 to death too and that Mentholatum ice sheer is so pretty for everyday use. I wanna try Estee foundation base on your review, actually i wanna snag ALL your November faves(greedy much)hehe:-)and awww your giveaway question is so cute, about dads:-)

  2. Mina, that blush is simply divine. :P Yeah, too bad it seems like no one wants to share their bonding moments with dad. :(

  3. I'm really curious about that Shiseido powder, is it good with keeping up with the oilies?

  4. Kitten, it's pretty decent but not if you have oily-very oily skin. :)

  5. Oh, Pammy, you're such a Kryolan Anti-Shine devout (just as I am with URFP's I guess!). Your picks are good ones (especially the Estee Double Wear!!! oh, I am in luv with it --- unbelievable staying power!)

    Here's my giveaway entry: my fondest memories of my dad revolve around him being just there for me (i'm sharing two):

    1st grade: mt tiny grade schooler heart leapt with joy when i saw him at the classroom door asking my teacher to talk to me. he personally delivered my MCGS notebooks (that's our school's personalized notebooks) during my class when he could've actually sped off to work after the purchase since he's late for work. he could've waited till we saw each other at home but he simply made me feel special since no other dad in my class did that thing. i beamed when i ran back in class since everyone quipped, "wow, ang bait naman ng dad mo"

    college: my dad never failed to bring me to my dorm on Sunday evenings. when he lost his job, and we eventually lost our car (this was in 4th year highschool), he STILL accompanied me. he brought big bags and all the stuff I needed even if it meant that he had to commute back home late at night. Hay... umiiyak nako as i type this and only I know how this scene totally melts my heart.

    Dads are the greatest...

    Pampaiyak naman yang giveaway mo. Sabi mo madali, hmpf.

  6. Argie, I posted there na "I dare you - make me laugh, make me cry" but I didn't know this would really make me teary-eyed this early. Haha! Your story reminded me of my dad. My dad, back in grade school, would always bring me there and pick me up, bring lunch for my lunch break and stuff. :)

    Thanks for joining. :P

  7. i believe you'll get a bunch of tearjerkers pa. so im giving you lots of kleenex tom when we go shopping :D smile na, naka recover na ko, ikaw lumuluha pa!

  8. Argie, I'm so ready. I have 2 packs of Kleenex. Haha! :P

  9. nice stuff and HAHAHAHA about the e mail you received! first of all, she says that she was looking for make up reviews so she came across your blog. then she calls you shallow for buying make up. But wasn't she the one looking up make up reviews? people dont' look up reviews unless they want to buy something. So then she's calling herself stupid and shallow for wanting to buy make up too

  10. well i don't get along with my dad as much as i did when i was younger, which is very regretful. however, i know he just wants what's best for me, even though i don't appreciate it because after all, i am a teenager. but hopefully i'll get over this 'phase' haha.
    anyway, a very memorable (not exactly pleasant) experience i've had with my dad is, to cut a long story short: i wanted to accompany my parents who went to a wholesaler shop to buy stock for our business. it all went well and at the end, we had to pay for our goods (obviously! haha). after the till lady scanned our goods, there was this conveyer belt moving all our goods down towards me, however, being a clumsy child that i was, i put my hand near the part of the conveyer belt which went underneath (you know how they continuously loop?) and then half my hand got sucked underneath the conveyer belt. it was painful at the time but now i don't remember how much it hurt because i think it was around 5 years ago now. anyways, i shouted 'MUMMM!' really loudly while crying (i don't know why i didn't shout dad!) and my mum was like 'WHATTT?!?!' cus i was making such a scene (wow it's embarassing recalling it haha) and she saw how my hand was stuck and the person at the till stopped the conveyer belt from moving. my parents tried to lift the end bit off the conveyer belt up but it wouldn't budge so my dad ran away!!! (well that's what it seemed like) but in actual fact he didn't. he actually went to find something to help release my hand. he came back with this metal rod with a hook on the end of it and hooked the end of the conveyer belt up and freed my hand. i was hysterical. after that i went to the first aid room and got sorted out there. so i guess that's my story in a nutshell haha. my dad was a hero for rescuing my hand from the clutches of the evil conveyer belt!! i don't know if my story made sense, it was a kind of 'you had to be there' moment but i hope that while you read this you were in that 'you had to be there moment.'


    p.s. good idea for this giveaway ^^

  11. i really want to try that bb cream, and the shiseido foundation, and the kryolan powder lol!! look what you have done :) i think we have the same skin type so most likely what works for you will probably work for me...ahh too bad that bb cream is not easily accessible in the US

    awww thanks for the cute giveaway!

    hmmm my favorite moment with my dad is when we go out and eat dim sum on the weekends. I rarely talk to my dad on a regular basis but when we go out and eat together it gives us a chance to talk and catch up. I guess you can call it food bonding? lol

  12. Got the stuff na Pammy, thanks! Can't wait to play with them :)

    My dad really wanted a son but he got me, so he'd usually forget (;p) I was a girl and ask me to assist him with fix-it stuff. I've gone on the roof several times to (1) retrieve my pet bird, (2) clear debris (leaves, twigs, etc) clogging the drain after a storm, (3) put up and bring down the two-way radio antenna. Not that I'm complaining, those times were fun and exciting as well. ;)

    But my fave moment was when I was 6 years old and I had this dancing part in our big school production. Two days prior to the event, I got sick so we went to the doctor and then drove by the theater for my costume. My super strict choreographer demanded I stay for rehearsal and I was so scared I cried and trembled while explaining that I really couldn't. She went on and on, saying I should not have gone there in the first place if I wasn't going to practice, berating me in front of my schoolmates. I was still crying and trembling when I made it back to the car, so my dad asked why. Next thing I knew he was fuming mad and out of the car. He hunted down my choreographer and gave her a taste of her own medicine. :p She turned apologetic and kind to me from then on. She was still my choreographer in high school and now we make beso-beso every time we see each other. Haha!

    simplygorgeous101 (at) yahoo (dot) com

    Btw, good job on handling She/He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named! I doubt I could keep my cool if I were you. :)

  13. gyc, I am in that he had to be there moment. :P Thanks for joining. :)

    Amy, yeah, food bonding moment which is super cute. It reminded me of my "coke" bonding with him, t'was our favorite drink. Thanks for joining too. :P

    Juicybear, my dad wanted a son too and had me instead. Haha! That was cute when your dad forgot that you're a girl and had you do things girls aren't normally asked to do. :P Aww, your dad reminded me of my dad too. He confronted a teacher from grade school too. Haha! :P Thanks for joining. :P

  14. Hi there! My fave moment with my dad was when I spent the holidays with my parents two years ago, I remember it was his only day off for the week, but we ended up spending the whole day shopping for a new desk for my room, assembling it ourselves, rearranged the furniture and cleaned my room just because I have been telling him that I can't study for my NCLEX because I don't have a study desk in my room, although admittedly at that time I was just too lazy to review and used the absence of a desk as an excuse. I know I'm a bad girl. I really felt bad afterward but I appreciated the effort. I thanked him though by passing the exam on my first try :D Anyway thanks for having this giveaway!

  15. Hi kikayfetz. Thanks for joining this giveaway and sharing your story. That was cool. :P

  16. I have nightmares with moisturisers.. at this time of year my cheeks go ridiculously dry, but if I try using any sort of heavy/rich moisturisers I end up scratching it off my face within 10 minutes as I find them too smothering. I tend to develop intolerances as well, I have NEVER gotten to the bottom of a pot/jar of any moisturiser I’ve used without it causing major irritations.

  17. Michelle, oh no. That's just so sad. I hope you'll find a moisturizer that will work for you. :)

  18. hi, pammy!

    i grew up with my grandparents so my grandfather was like a father to me. i even called him daddy. my siblings and i had a wonderful childhood because of him. we'd go on trips: educational trips, food trips, out-of-town trips, nature trips, sound trips, joy rides, etc. our family was very close, that is, until we grew up and had lives of our own.

    i never realized how much he truly loved us until he passed away. when i was younger, i made a couple of life decisions he didn't agree with. when he passed away, i felt guilty and depressed for being such a big disappointment.

    a month after his death, as i was organizing his things, i found a letter addressed to me. in it, he told me that he admired me for standing up for what i believed in and that he felt that he taught me well and expected nothing less from me. he apologized for being stubborn and for passing that trait on to me. (you see, i'm as stubborn as he. :) ) he also wrote that he loved me and there was nothing i can do to make him love me less.

    i've read that letter many times and i still read it everytime i miss him and everytime i feel dispirited. it never fails to lift my spirit.


  19. Anya, that was such a nice story of you and your grandpa daddy. :) Thanks for joining too.

  20. Hi Pammy! I've been a long follower of your blog :-)

    Here's my story regarding my special moment with my dad. It's not the usual "i-love-my dad-so-much" story but it's special in its own way because it's the ONLY moment i can think of that involved my dad.

    You see, my parents have their differences (they are separated now). I've never been close to my dad. My dad is selfish, a womanizer, never appreciated my mom or his kids. Whats important to him is his relatives, money and friends. He was not a good husband, nor a good father. He didn't even attend my recognition day at dlsu for being a consistent dean's honor lister and instead chose to attend a party given by his friends. It has always been his relatives or friends over his family.

    I don't have a single loving moment with him except for this. When i was in grade school, we needed to do project. Sort of collage of a farm. It was my dad who did it for me and made a great job out of it, a farm with all the toy animals complete with a blue stream (used blue coloring from his aquarium). My teachers and classmates loved it and was in awe of its creativity. This is the ONLY moment i can think of fondly of my dad. I cannot remember anything else. This is the only loving memory i will treasure from him and take to my grave.

  21. Netchimp, it's nice to know that you still have a loving moment with your dad despite the circumstances. Thanks for joining and sharing it. :)

  22. Christine, just share your fave moment with your dad and leave your email address. Thanks.

  23. YAY~!

    I really love beauty blogs and I find yours so much helpful! I usually go into a dozen of reviews before I buy a certain product since I'm really sensitive, that's why I'm having my thoughts on buying the Purederm BB cream you've been raving about, Dr. Jart and Ecorre made me break out and Skin79 is just too dark on me. LOL.

    So anyway, I saw this little giveaway of yours and figured that it would be fun to actually own the freebies since I'm big on beauty products and I'm kind of addicted to them, so yeah, I gotta get you to read my entry, HERE IT IS!

    Actually, I've spent the first 12 years of my life with my dad, I'm the typical 'ACCIDENT' from two lovers who weren't really soulmates but once felt like they were, and yeah, so I was introduced to the world afterwards.

    Dad, after my biological mom, tried his best to find himself the one woman whom he would love for the rest of his life, aside from giving me the mommy I truly deserved. One day, HE FOUND HER. He was 8 years her senior and she was a graduating college student then, while I was 2. She was this good-natured lady who grew up conservative with strict principles from her parents, which made her pretty hard-to-get. If dad wasn't such a mischiveuos spoiled brat at that time, he wouldn't have thought of the best plan to get her, what exactly was that idea of his? Well, he would bring me along in his car dressed carelessly and with baby powder visible all around my neck to my stepmom's boarding house, carrying a few barbecue sticks in his every visit. Later on, my stepmom admitted to me that it was I who made her give papa the 'YES' that he'd been dreaming of all because she thought I needed a mommy to take care of me. Those moments where I sat on the passenger seat with my dad waiting hopefully for my stepmom to come down from her boarding house were the best memories I had with him together. He would cuddle me and give me the brightest smile a dad can offer while waiting for our QUEEN, and then we would go out like a family, two people in love, and a BABY, me.

    I would've made that story the only I would tell but being a teenager with parents living abroad, I couldn't escape their ongoing paranoia regarding my lovelife. This might sound weird but one of the best bonding DADDY-moments of my life is when he calls me and remind me 'THAT I AM NOT ALLOWED TO HAVE A BOYFRIEND YET' and would threaten me that he would shoot my suitors away, It's not that he could do anything like that, but his serious tone and panicked aura make me giggle like crazy given a silly father, A SILLY FATHER WHO I LOVE THE MOST SO MUCH. :))

    Ferlee @

  24. My favorite moment with my dad is unforgetable...What I mean is...(giggle)wahahaha...
    (I can't stop laughing every time I remember this...)
    so heres the story...
    it's my moms birthday so me and my dad plan a small surprise party for my mom....So what we do is we make a blueberry cheese cake and some sizzling steak just for 3 of us...then my mom got home on time from her office...we should surprise her with the lights off...but my when my dad turn on the lights the bulb just exploded and my dad shock w/ a surprise(like a girl screaming) and my mom is laughing so hard with tears! ahahaha...WE JUST LOVE SURPRISES!


  25. BTW...You have awesome products...
    forgot my eadd:

  26. Ferlee, that was so smart of your dad and so sweet of your step mom. :P Thanks for joining. :)

    Shin, imagining your dad scream like a girl made me laugh! Thanks for joining. :)

  27. I would love to join this! :) This is the first blog I've seen that doesn't require readers to be a follower. :D

    Well, I have a lot of fond memories with my dad. One of the significant recollections was when I had a brief conversation with him when I was 9.

    Me: I don't know why mommy can't be home with me. Why does Tara (not my real sister's name) always have to take her away from me?
    DAD: It's her prom night. She has to share that with your sister. Your mom is trying. On your prom night, she'll be with you too.

    It may seem trivial but that conversation opened my eyes to reality when my father succumbed from brain cancer the next summer. It dawned on me why he kept pushing me to make an effort to be with my mom. I was oblivious to the fact that he had a terminal illness. The innocence of my age shielded me from it.

    Every Christmas, my mom would give us a ton of presents and I would repeatedly ask my dad like a spoiled brat, "Where's my gift, papa?" He'd say, "All I have for you is my love." You have no idea how much I would give to hear those words again.

    Value your fathers, ladies.

  28. Hello! I thought I'd drop by and have a shot at your giveaway. :)

    My tongue has grown quite unfamiliar with the word "Dad", or “Papa”, as I used to call him. Saying it out loud - when alone, when not alone; it's odd because I almost never talk about him, or his outrageous curly hair, or how he was gone too soon in my life. But it doesn't mean I don't miss him. Maybe it just hurts to remember. Maybe I'm afraid that people would see how, as I speak of him, my voice would quiver or the corners of my eyes would twitch and give me away. Sometimes when I'm happy or sad, I'd remember him. I remember how, after a long day at school being bullied by the big kids, he’d tell me to smile because the world was a better place when I did. I remember how the house would shake every morning as he played The Beatles in full volume. And how could I forget? He’d tell me the only bedtime story he knew every night, about the little engine that could. I was his little engine. Every morning, he’d wait for my school bus and he’d watch me leave as he kisses me goodbye, and I’d watch through the foggy window as we go farther away. All the time, he’d get smaller, and smaller, - until he disappears completely. I’ve got a million questions running in my mind. I want to ask him, how are you dad? Do you remember me? I wonder if he’s somewhere up there, just watching all my idiocies in life unfold before his very eyes. As a kid safely belted on the passenger’s seat, I used to watch him sometimes when he drove, and those were the most active seconds of my life. I would think about how I’d want to grow up to be the lovely girl he would be proud of. He always told me he wanted to dance with me on my 18th birthday, but he couldn’t stick around for that much longer. I wonder if he’s proud of me now. I wonder if he’s happy with the way I’m turning out to be. I wonder if he remembers how he told me one night, while watching Singing in the Rain, that I looked like Baby Spice because of my pigtails. I wonder if he knew how that made me so happy. When I close my eyes and try to picture his face in my head, I can’t. How tall was he again? Was his hair parted at the right side? Time and time again, I keep misplacing marks, missing moles, and rearranging his features. But it doesn’t mean I don’t remember him. Of course I remember him.

  29. hey pammy, I dont even know if I made it to the contest but your question kind of struck me. See, my dad passed away 6 years ago and still, just typing about it already makes me teary eyed.
    Like every youngest daughter, I was my dad's favorite. And till the end, I was spoiled by him. I just moved out then and was living on my own. My dad told me it would build character and make me grow up. That one night I called him, crying, asking him to please pick me up and I wanted to go home. He was soft but stern, told me to toughen it out and just stay where I was. Needless to say, I begged and begged and after a few hours, my dad came to pick me up and brought me home. We had dinner and watched some tv. He went on his usual 5 km run at night and when we were about to sleep I heard a crash through his study room door. My mom's screams too came shortly after that. I came in and saw my dad having a heart attack on the floor.
    It seemed like hours but in truth it was just minutes. I called a doctor uncle who instructed me to do a cardiac massage. The ambulance was also on the way. But i was holding him and I knew it was the end, that I had to say goodbye.
    I closed the door to his study. I didnt want to hear my mom hysterically shouting. I just talked to my dad and told him quietly that "Dad wag mo ako iwan. Paano na ako pag iniwan mo ako?" he looked at me while seizing and then he was gone.
    I wanted to share this because I had no clue this was coming. He was perfectly healthy. So I urge everybody with parents still around to tell them that you love them because you dont know when the time will come when you cant.
    sorry its too long. happy holidays :)

  30. oh btw, email is

  31. Thanks for joining, girls. :) I had a really great time reading your entries. :)


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