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Friday, December 17, 2010

Yum Moments: Cafe Lidia (Picture-heavy)

Earlier this afternoon, I met up with a friend for a foodtripping session. The initial plan was to just eat streetfood such as barbecue and isaw (chicken intestine). After having a few sticks of those, we decided to check out one of the raved restaurants in Marikina which is Cafe Lidia. We weren't really planning to dine in and our intention was to only check out the place. But we ended up going home with really full tummies. Here are photos from our Cafe Lidia experience. Pardon for the poor qualities of the pictures, I was only using my mobile phone earlier in taking these photos.

Cafe Lidia is located at NMo. 64, Calderon St., Kalumpang, Marikina City. It's almost near Marcos Highway and SM Marikina.

The Menu

I love the ambience. It can make anyone feel at home and the staff are courteous and friendly. 

Their pastries reminded me and my friend of those at Starbucks. We think they are getting these pastries from the same bakeshop where Starbucks get theirs from.

                                                        Blueberry Cheesecake - Php105
It's really smooth and creamy and just melts in your mouth. It's not too tangy nor too sweet. It's just right for me. The blueberries aren't in any way sour too.

Cafe Lidia house pizza or specialty pizza or something like that. 12 inches, 8 slices for only Php220
The pizza was good. It's not oily and not too salty. Although it tasted a little bland for us that we had to ask for salt and pepper but overall, it is a good one. And the crust is thin and crunchy. The mozzarella just made our mouths water.

I wish I was able to capture the true colors of the pizza. We were not disappointed at all and we were truly happy with what we had. It was funny how the staff kept on looking at us as if we were food reviewers or something like that which reminded us of the guy from Ratatouille. It's probably because we shared the same meal or I started taking pictures the moment we got there. Plus we were discussing what we think of the food after every bite.  :P

I was so full from the isaw and the 2 slices of pizza so I decided to bring home my remaining 2 slices and I'm glad you will be able to see how the pizza really looks like.

My kind of thin crust pizza. :P

Now you can finally see how it really looks like.

Munching on one slice. :P

Have you tried eating at Cafe Lidia?

Happy Friday, super awesome peeps! :P


  1. It's in Kalumpang, Marikina City. The exact address is in the post. ;)

  2. 2nd time ko na nabasa ang about Cafe Lidia, I think the first one from Shen. Mukhang masarap talaga dun!

    Good thing I had my pizza fix na last Friday at Pizza Hut Bistro, kung hindi I'd be craving because of your photos! :P

  3. Madz, yeah, I read about it at Shen's blog too and realized that it was less than half an hour away from here. Haha! I recommend you try Cafe Lidia if you have time. :P


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